InterServer Web Hosting and VPS is going to be the new name for Souq in UAE

When the website visitor browses from UAE  the URL takes to

Change in name to is a part of the re branding of Souq , a largest Dubai based eCommerce company ,bought by Amazon in the year 2017 for $580 Million .

Currently a banner is displayed on the home page which says that “your souq is now” . This also gives a message to the website visitor which says that Amazon is now launched in UAE .

With this official launch of Amazon in UAE, consumers can expect new features because of cutting edge technology Amazon has and its global network.

More Products

Earlier souq offered around 9.4 million products. It had a category of 31 different segments such as consumer electronics, fashion, beauty, etc.

With change to the number of products increased to 30 Million. This includes 5 Million products from Amazon US and from other sellers spreads locally and from international markets.

Another important change is on the number of books available. Earlier souq had more of small selection of localized books. However now it has more books from publishers and booksellers from the global network of Amazon.

Addition of Arabic Language

Amazon has added Arabic language in the website and in the mobile application

Consumers can still enjoy the faster delivery Amazon offers. Shopping worth more than AED100 is eligible for the next day delivery without any additional charge. At few areas of Dubai delivers on the same day with a fee.

Amazon has global expertise to accurately track the delivery and shipment. The new change provides unified look and brand for Amazon in the Middle East.Other amazon features such as Amazon Prime may be added in the future.

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