IOS 13 –Sounds good to have it as soon as possible but if we think about comparison between iOS 12 and iOS 13, then the new one must have a great charm.

Apple’s headquarters California is continuously  working on new iOS software which runs on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Compare to  iOS 12, news is that iOS 13 to be 70% more with Camera swipe, Up to 50%faster keyboard display, Up to 2x faster app launch under heavy workload. Even some other small features like Group Face time, Memoji and Animoji with better performance, more cameras effects. Such Real AR that you wish to share with friends.

Apple News

New subscription service by Apple provides unlimited access to newspaper and magazine partners by charging a monthly fee. New Animoji have a girafee, owl, shark and boar working with Message and FaceTime apps.

Expended AirPlay 2 and HomeKt support is required to get this off the ground that Sony Tv, LG, Samsung are supporting these.

Siri TV Tricks working with tvOS, 12.2 enables it to play movies, shows, music and more on both Apple and Third-Party TVs.

Improved Audio messages, Apple Pay Cash, 5G E are all part of currently available iOS 12.2.

With all these features on current iOS, the next one must have an edge. Have a look in the highlighted feature of new iOS 13 to compete the market as competitors are always active to compete and Apple must have an edge to cater the situation in market.

Major Features which illuminates the Apple’s capabilities:

Dark Mode Feature 

MacOS has a feature of Dark Mode which is now supposed to be available in iOS 13. Night time viewing issue will be resolved with this important feature. Dark mode is already being used on macOS Mojave but the user will get benefit if some third-party developers support it, like; Gmail, Instagram, Facebook etc as they may use White Background feature. Otherwise, it will be worth less.

Multiple Windows

As reflecting from the name that you can easily and efficiently be able to use multiple screens and more into it is, these will have multiple sheets in it associated to screen.

Font Management,Undo Gesture

A standard Undo system remained a flaw in the older iOS but now with iOS 13, you will be able to use a standard undo gesture for text on iPad. By sliding just slide left / right with three finger tab to perform undo and redo action accordingly.

Tutorial For iOS 13 New Feature

Tutorial always support to learn the desired data in an efficient and quick way! So, iOS 13 by Apple has solved this. What actually you will learn is “how to use new features” Sounds Good! A public API customer control will be able to adapt this interaction.


Safari on iOS 13 for the iPad will automatically ask for a desktop version of websites when necessary, preventing a common issue where websites will render their iPhone version even when running on an iPad with a big screen. YouTube is notorious for this behavior, forcing users to rely on a ‘Request Desktop Site’ button.

Font management is getting a major upgrade on iOS 13. It will not be necessary to install a profile to get new fonts into the system anymore. Instead there will be a new font management panel in Settings. A new standard font picker component will be available for developers and the system will notify the user when they open a document that has missing fonts.

Modified Volume HUD

Music lovers always wish to have a clear and melodious sound .Only an efficient gadget would be to provide this feature. Same is being consider that iOS 13 is will have a lesser obstruction Volume HUD .This provide  good experience for the users.

Improved Mailing Categories

Another major improvement is in mail application which will be smarter by having categories of Travel, Marketing, Purchases and more.

Third Party App Collaboration

Working with third-party app is also included in iOS 13 .This makes it easy to collaborate with them.

Volume Slider No More

It seems out of thought, but it could happen and some information are coming from around that iOS 13 may say good bye to Volume Slider in its new version.

Other Expected Features in iOS 13



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