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6 Possible Methods To Make Money On Pinterest is what we explain in this article.

With the growing acceptance as a social network Pinterest has increased the number of users tremendously.

Lot of users are using Pinterest to sell their products and services through this platform. There are bloggers who are building high quality to traffic to their website through Pinterest.

Other than driving traffic to the website Pinterest has become an effective brand building tool also.  Whether it is physical goods,digital products or service product Pinterest can be a great platform to make you earn money online.

Pinterest VS Facebook In Internet Marketing

Because of the competition due  to massive number of users Facebook has become an expensive advertisement platform now a days. Cost of per click advertisement has gone up in last couple of years in Facebook. Hence return on investment has come down when it comes to marketing the product through the platform.

Pinterest  on the other hand is on the verge of growth and it is relatively easy to add more followers currently to your Pinterest account.Without spending money you can add more followers in to the account. Through great looking pins you can drive traffic to the website. This finally leads to sales of the product or service also.

Primary Things To Do To Make Money Online On Pinterest

  • Build a Pinterest business profile
  • Verify the  the website on business profile.
  • Add a Pinterest FOLLOW button on the website
  • that is a little red button when someone clicks it, they would be able to follow you from your website and follow you on Pinterest.
  • Add profile on boards and account with rich keywords related to your niche.
  • Add “pin it” to the image of the website.
  • Connect Pinterest account to all possible other social media.
  • Post atleast 5 pins a day on the boards.
  • Link more number of pins to your website

Who can make money online on Pinterest ?

If you are an affiliate marketer, online marketer, entrepreneur, author, local business owner, or you are selling anything  as a hobby you can possibly make money on pinterest.  If you are in this category you have to be on Pinterest and ensure that you do the primary things explained in above section.

 6 Methods To Make Money On Pinterest

As explained in one of the previous section after building profile you need to Pin and link back to your website.  However it is essential to pin right image for gaining visitors to the website and turn them to customers.  Below are the 6 methods to ensure that you are doing right things.

1.Image With Product in Action

When you pin ensure that you are designing the product which is using by some one. Example : if you are marketing posting a pin of your vacuum cleaner may not create an impact .You have to have the image of a person who use the vacuum cleaner.

Another example is If you are selling a ” T Shirt ” ensure that you have both the images. A person wearing it and an image of T Shirt on the side.

2.Solve A Problem

Your pin can show how your product is a solution to a problem, this’s really more power than just advertising the product itself. For example, you have cleaning product and want to sell it through Pinterest. What you can show is before and after images with a cleaning demo image.

that seat below is really dirty, and it showing if you use Windex to scrub it, you will able to get it clean. you need to think about your own product that you have, how can you show those as am showing this.

3.Special Offers And Discount

Pin where you offer coupon or discount attracts more visitors to your website or more people tend to click on the link.

4.Increase Book Sale

If you have a book that you want to sell, then go ahead and create a board, you can create a board that talks about your entire book. there is a difference way to promote your book, you can create vibrant images with a great quote or helpful hint from your book and like to your sales page

5.Affiliate Marketing

You can link images to the type of affiliate or products you are offering to AmazonEtsy, EbayClickbank. However it is better to use a bridge page than direct linking.

6.Build Your List

Even if you are selling through affiliate ensure to have a bridge page where you capture their email address. This help you to make building a list and target them through email swipes and sell the product  through information sharing and relationship building.

Hope that the above methods help you to make money online through Pinterest. If you have any alternate method to do effective Pinterest marketing share here as comments.




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