Digital Alarm Clock with Nightlight

The AmazonBasics digital alarm clock wakes you up every day on time. The alarm clock is compact and ideal for nightstand at home. It has the 0.7-inch green LED display to check the time with less effort. The alarm sounds even when the power cuts due to the battery backup.


Hit the repeating snooze button if you want to catch those extra minutes in bed. It is easy to read the numbers with the LED display at the exact time of the day and night. With the battery backup, the time stays accurate and goes off in the pre-set time. The low-intensity nightlight of the clock glows in the dark. You can also enjoy a few of the sweet dreams as the alarm clock hits the snooze.


The Features

  • Compact size with backpack pockets
  • Automated brightness adjustment
  • LED display for reading from distance
  • Good battery backup


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