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6G Technology started creating some news even though 5G is still under early stage of development.

6G was in the news wave when President Trump tweeted on February this year on it.

In the Tweet Trump wrote to make 5G and 6G available in United Stated. He urged the companies to put their effort to make it a reality.

5G Technology is currently at the nasal stage and obviously after 4G it would be implemented. So definitely 6th generation wireless network may come with network speed and application than we imagine .

5G which is under the concept stage may mostly to support smart applications such as self-driving cars, smart devices etc.

Interesting thing is many of the companies such as Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, Sony, Huawei etc. have already announced the launching of 5G enabled phones.

5G Wireless Network provides 5th generation of Network Coverage and obviously lead to faster uploads of data and download speed also would be increased. 5G will provide stable connections and enhanced coverage. Internet speed increase of at least 10 to 20 times can expect from 5G.

At recent Brooklyn 5G Summit 2019, attended 5G engineers have discussed on 6G even though the summit was on 5G .

Towards the end of 2018 we heard that China is working on 6th Generation wireless networks already. As per the reports they have started the research on 6th Generation Wireless Networks even though 5G is yet be in implementation.

Hence what we can expect from 6G above the features of 5G Networks?

As discussed, earlier 5G networks effectively work on IoT related smart applications with better data transfer speed and may offer wider network coverage.

6th Generation Wireless Network probably may offer high mobile internet speed of 1TB .It may lead efficient implementation of IoT enabled network devices ,AI enabled systems, and remote health applications . So imagine about the downloading speed. You can download 100s of movies in less than a second.

Let us wait and see the application of 6G .It may have applications beyond our current imagination.

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