InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

You can use dedicated hosting or cloud hosting but the choice depends on the nature and requirements of your business. There is difference between both these hosting service; the difference will mainly be prominent on the basis of different businesses that choose either of them.

You will get to know about the basic differences between both these hosting facilities. You should know before selecting best suitable service for your business.

Let us consider dedicated hosting, in dedicated hosting there is always need of requirement, most of the times companies offer leasing of hardware as it is very expensive. Dedicated servers are specified for applications.

You can run applications using dedicated hosting. It is good for some businesses and the main reason behind is that there is no maintenance required for dedicated servers.

This reduces expenses and the hardware is located at data center and you save your money because you do no spend money on buying new hardware.

Dedicated servers are used by those online businesses that take it as their real business. They cannot afford to face downtime for their websites.

For this purpose most of the people prefer to have a dedicated server than a shared server. A dedicated server is stable and is reliable. This will never let your website down.

On the other hand cloud hosting is a very reasonable solution for the business that is new to the market and does not require having more hardware and software.

It is good for a new business to invest money in cloud hosting that will reduce expenses in terms of hosting.

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In cloud hosting the resources are divided amongst different users who seem to have a separate virtual dedicated server for each.

Most of the cloud servers offer you two basic operating systems that are windows and linux, selection of operating system depends on the requirements.

Looking at the advantages of cloud hosting is that it offers you hardware as per your requirements. Depending on the nature of your business you can have the hardware. If you want to change hardware for your server then you can have that as well.

When you get a cloud hosting then you need to perform a security team to secure your operating system. The main disadvantage of cloud server hosting is that it uses single dedicated hardware for different customers.

In this regard it is thought that cloud hosting server is not secure. It is better to define a security protocol as well. The major risk in terms of security is due to applications that you install on your server.

Either you select dedicated server of cloud server you will find advantages and disadvantages depending on the requirements of your business.

Which one you select you will still need a team of IT professionals that can configure and control your software that you want to use on your server. If you start a new business then you should start with cloud dedicated servers. In future if you need; you can shift to dedicated server.


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