Last year Google  introduced a brand new offline mode feature in addition to new feature updates and tweaks to their web version of Gmail  . 

Use this feature of Gmail Offline feature and enjoy the benefits of Gmail on your PC browser without internet connection.

This offline mode of Gmail will only work on the Google Chrome browser on the computer. So if you are a browser user, you need to install Google Chrome first to use this offline feature.

So, login to Gmail and click on the gear icon in the top right. From the menu, enter the settings page. Now go to the Offline tab at the far right of the header section of the settings page. Or visit this link directly by logging into Gmail on PC (Chrome):

From there, you can customize offline mode and press the Save Changes button below to turn offline mode on.

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You will find several options for offline mode customization. For example, you can decide how long your inbox will be synced to. You can also choose whether the messages will be downloaded with or without attachments.

Gmail Offline
How to Use Gmail Offline

Since messages and attachments will be downloaded to your PC’s hard drive, it would be advisable to store a maximum of one week’s email if you want to save storage.

Here you will also find a security related option. If you log out of your account, you also have the ability to determine whether it will delete downloaded data on your PC or leave it behind.

Once set up offline,  visit the link on your computer’s Google Chrome browser to access Gmail without the Internet  . Keeping this link bookmarked is good.

You cannot receive new emails while offline. However, if you want to send the email, select the Send option, it will be stored in the Outbox, and when you get the Net connection then the mail will be delivered.

To turn off the Gmail Offline feature, you must first uncheck it from your Gmail settings ( ). Then remove “All cookies and site data” from the Chrome browser settings.

Overall, this offline feature of Gmail is expected to be very useful. Especially for those who travel long hours in business or official work, they will be able to get rid of the need to write e-mails and check inboxes on the go without internet.

And yes, if you turn on email synchronization from the settings in the Gmail app on mobile, you can access them without internet.



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