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Whatsapp messages disappearing features is available now.

The latest version of WhatsApp has been released with an important new feature that could change the way chatting service is used. WhatsApp’s latest Android beta update is now available for download and use.

The new version also has this feature called ‘disappearing messages’ as reported earlier. The new feature is to allow groups to automatically delete messages after a specified time period.

This feature is currently available only to groups. It’s also available in Dark Mode. But features like Dark Mode and Message Auto Delete are still being developed. The latest Android beta version number from WhatsApp is 2.19.348.

How do WhatsApp messages disappear?

WhatsApp is constantly working to bring new and interesting features. A new iOS based version of WhatsApp will soon be released to suit the dark theme of iOS 13. The Status tab also comes with several new features

. It helps users to include photos, videos, gif stickers, emojis, etc. in the status. But what has been the most discussed among WhatsApp users in recent days is the disappearance of messages.

What benefits do users get with this feature?

WhatsApp’s message disappears feature that allows users to set a time limit. After this the selected messages will automatically disappear. Later, those messages will not be left anywhere. This feature is similar to Telegram’s Secret Chat feature, a social messaging app.

All messages sent are connected to a self destruct timer. Once the recipient reads the message, the timer starts, and when the timer turns off or when the sender expires, the message is deleted from the sender and recipient’s inbox. Five things about the new feature of WhatsApp

Now this feature is only available in group chats. Group admins can only use the toggle button to control the feature. However, this may change before the feature is made available to all users.

Initial reports suggest that this feature only supports group chat. But features that make the messages disappear have now been added to private chats (between two members of the group).

This feature is available for both contacts in the chat. ∙ Users get two options – 5 seconds and 1 hour. They can set a time limit when the messages automatically disappear. Messages disappear will also work on WhatsApp web.

It is not known whether or not this feature will be available in iOS.  Turn on feature disappearing Whatsapp messages sent from the chat windows of individuals and all members in case of group chats and private chats disappear completely

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