Artificial Intelligence Introduction and How AI Benefits Human guide provides an introduction of Artificial Intelligence which is known in the short form as AI .

This guide explains about AI ,what does it do , types of artificial intelligence and role it has on human life .

As an individual of this century, you will see everything working under technology.

From your Google Assistant to your self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence is somewhere involved in it.

Everything that has Artificial Intelligence grow rapidly .Also Self driving cars were in imagination only until recent times .

Another surprising thing is Human-like Robots that holds characteristics like Humans are a reality today.

What does Artificial Intelligence do?

Artificial Intelligence knows in the short name of AI also ( Machine Intelligence ) .

It is a kind of intelligence that is performed and demonstrated by the use of machines.

And artificial Intelligence Techniques are used in such a manner to rearrange or organize and use the machine knowledge in a very unique and efficient way.

Hence it is easy to modify and make replacements in errors.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

After knowing the exact definition of Artificial Intelligence, you now need to learn some of the basic types that overcome the complex boundaries of Artificial Intelligence .

So you just need to understand its four important types:

All these types have their own advantage and functionalities.

Moreover some of them lie in the quadrant of Weak AI (narrow AI) and some of them in the Strong AI (general AI).

Finally if we research more about Artificial Intelligence then we must look upon the components of AI that makes us solve our issues very intelligently.

Components of Artificial Intelligence

Let’s discuss some of AI’s components that are used inside every intelligence.

And following kind of algorithms that help these components much better to perform:

  • Learning
  • Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
  • Perception
  • Language Understanding

All these components are the mainstream of any machine that comes up with the technology of Artificial Intelligence. The scientists are sure that people learn and use more and more AI devices in the upcoming years and every machine will be more efficient and intelligent than a simple human being.

Role of Artificial Intelligence

You must be confusing that where we are using AI in our daily life routine. Also all those machines which require special searching algorithms, fuzzy algorithms technologies, decision trees, linear regression, neural networks, vector machines etc. Hence all these algorithms help in machine learning.

Another benefit of AI is that we can learn the ability to find complicated patterns in a different manner.

So these example of AI examples in our daily life:

Finally let’s wait for new AI devices and machines that surprise us in future.

The above artificial intelligence introduction and the role of the AI in human life would have given an idea to you how AI works.

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