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Logitech’s is the simplest gaming mouse that has got flashier. G203 Lightsync upgrades the company’s G203 Prodigy for RGB customization. The G203 is a decent choice when you look for a no-frills gaming mouse. It’s fast and light for most of the games.

The Pros

  • Has improved lighting options.
  • Affordability.
  • Has the solid sensor specs for price.

The Cons

  • Is basically identical to the G203 Prodigy.
  • It’s small for a palm-style grip.

The areas where Logitech could have made some improvements?

The Lightsync’s high quality makes it a safe entry-level pick.

Lightsync Up

G2O3 Lightsync is a simple wired mouse that looks familiar. The buttons fall in the right-handed six button gaming mouse layouts with a DPI-preset select button in the central column, a scroll wheel and two clicks. Two side macros on the left side. It is simple as the right-handed gaming mouse.

It has the competition-friendly mouse, the G203 is smaller than the average gaming pointer. The smaller stature is in line with mini esports mice made with claw-style grip players such as Cooler Master MM710 and Viper Mini.

A high-sloping base shape drag behind your mouse and keeps the bottom of your hand while holding it palm-style. G203 doesn’t gain much of a weight. It’s average weight is 2.86 ounces for a competitive mouse that is heavier than the small ones. It doesn’t have the ergonomic hump at the base of the thumb in the right-handed mice. G203 balances rising the base of the mouse from left to right. The mouse is lower than average which feels like your hand is riding high.

The optical sensor is important as the mouse is inexpensive and simple. The gaming mouse works fine, as it has more room for variation at the low end of spectrum. G203 Lightsync’s proprietary ” gaming grade” sensor tracks at 8000 dpi.

G203 Lightsync’s RGB lighting represents the mouse’s primary upgrade.

The Lightsync is like the G203 Prodigy that features a light-up logo on the base, two lighting elements, and an RGB rim around the back of the mouse. The Lightsync sets three distinct lighting zones for the middle, left and right side of the rim. You cannot set a pattern or separate colour for the logo as it blends the colour from left and center sections of the rim. The G203 Lightsync has the minimum necessary to maintain the current price point and to refresh the design.

The G Hub

G203 Lightsync supports Logitech’s gaming hardware configuration software said as G Hub.Its intuitive and best pieces of config software around the mice. It’s easy to create macros, remap buttons, set a profile’s four DPI presets, and customizes the mouse’s RGB lighting. Many configuration profiles are created with G Hub and syncs them to the games on your system. The G203 Lightsync does not have an onboard memory, so profiles are locked to your device.

Low maintenance and Low cost

G203 lightsync costs 39.99 USD, so it’s fair for the budget gaming mouse. The space is complex and crowded, because of a demand in light and has cheap accurate export of mice.

Logitech sells the G203 Prodigy with the same unicolour lighting mouse for 29.99 USD. Although it does not keep with refined and optimized competitive mice like the Glorious Model D, the G203 Lightsync is the all-around good choice for a cheap gaming mouse. It has comfortable grip styles, easy and simple to use, despite its small stature.

Product Specification

Package Contents

G203 Gaming Mouse

User documentation

2-year limited hardware warranty

Physical Specifications

Height: 116.6 mm (4.59 in)

Width: 62.15 mm (2.45 in)

Depth: 38.2 mm (1.5 in)

Weight: 85 g (2.1 oz) mouse only

Cable length: 2.10 m (6.89 ft)


Resolution: 200 – 8,000 dpi

Zero smoothing/acceleration/filtering

Max. acceleration: >25 G2Tested on Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad

Max. speed: >200 IPS3Tested on Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad


USB data format: 16 bits/axis

USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)

Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM


PTFE Feet: 250 kilometers

Other Features

Onboard memory: 1 profile


Non-braided cable

Mechanical Button Tensioning System

System Requirements

Windows® 7 or later

macOS® 10.11 or later

Chrome OSTM

USB port

Internet access for Logitech Gaming Software (optional)

Part Number

Black : 910-004842
White : 910-005081

Warranty Information

2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty


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