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How to make money from Instagram ? Is it possible to monetize Instagram ?

These are general queries which is there in our mind when think about making money online through social media.

In this article we are listing out 4 methods which are relatively easy to answer your question how to make money from Instagram.

There are people who are successful in making money from Instagram through these methods. Monetizing your Instagram account may need persistent effort which are easy to implement.

How to make money from Instagram

Selling products

Selling products is one of the common way to make money from Instagram. Products sold can be physical products ranging from handicrafts to digital products .

You may not have your product to sell.You can sell product of others. Therefore, try to observe the items sold in stores near your home, for example handicrafts or regional specialties and others.

Even if there are products that are good for sale on your Instagram, you can also contact the seller of the product for technical matters and negotiate the price with discount.

Affiliate marketing is another option where you can be affiliate of other online products and earn commissions.

Offer Your Services

Earlier what we have discussed is selling physical goods. However there are people who like to offer services. Offering a service on Instagram can also be an alternative door to produce that from the social network.

Examples of services to offer :

  • Translation’
  • Logo Creation
  • Website Designing
  • Consultancy Services
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO Consultancy
  • Content Creation

Shout Outs

Instagram shout outs is a step to promote other people’s Instagram on your Instagram account. You get paid for these activities. You can also promote products of other Instagram account holders by charging commission

Selling Instagram account

You may have an Instagram account for a long time and you are not interested in continuing with the Instagram account when there are many followers for you.  You can sell your Instagram account to those who are interested. Usually price varies depending on the number of followers , account niche and engagement level.

By putting little effort you can implement the methods and see the result. However like any other business this also require investment of your time and persistent effort.


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