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Essential WordPress plugins you cannot avoid includes a variety of plugins. However in this article we are listing out 3 essential WordPress plugins which may really add value to your WordPress website.

When we talk about essential WordPress plugins these should be really required for the website. It should be plugins you need on almost every website. Also it should provide functions which solve your core issues .

Core Issues And Functions

Let us find out the functions you require to solve the core issue of the website.And if WordPress cannot solve these issues as  core functions below are some of the functions require.

We can include a lot in the list. However we just try to see the major functions now. Now let us see 3 essential plugins that may help us to meet 3 of the above functions.

SEO: WordPress SEO by Yoast

Download Yoast

Why SEO? Because this is the most important thing which lead the success of the website .Without audience it is not possible to continue with website. So building high quality traffic through search engine optimization is important.

SEO plugin help you to show your content search engine results page. After all, many or most of your visitors will find you via search and without your visitors your site is not alive. Yoasts SEO plugin is popular and simple to setup. Yoast made the SERP snippet meta-box extremely simple to customize.

Customization: Advanced Custom Fields

Download Advanced Custom Fields

The meta-box functionality in WordPress is just as awesome. Also there is a lot of great documentation and tutorials. Still, it takes a considerable amount of time until everything from save-actions to escaping data is working right. This a popular  solution for every customization task in WordPress.

Speed: W3 Total Cache

Download w3 Total Cache

Third plugin we talk is about Cache Plugin. Often there are multiple Javascript and CSS files, where they should be concatenated. They might be uncompressed or included in the wrong places too. A good caching plugin like W3 Total Cache solves those issues and speeds up your website generally.

We Would Like To Hear From You 

Which are the plugins you find as essential to your WordPress website. Share with us as comment.


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