iOS 12 Features ! Time has come to speak about the new apple operating system iOS 12 features

Usually any new software update should allow the phone to operate smoothly with the new features. However, in the past Apple faced issues due to the customer complaints that Apple is deliberately slowing down the gadget for the customers to buy new models.

However, the good news is that as per the initial reports ,feedback and experience the latest operating system IOS 12 provides better experiences even to the old devices.

This change is visible even on the loading of the apps. Speed has increased, and the best thing is all devices which is running in IOS 11 can update to IOS 12. This means that IOS 12 is available for the models from iPhone 5s.But depending on the age of the device iOS 12 features may vary.

How to upgrade the phone to iOS 12

If you have not yet updated, you can update through following steps

Go to Settings > General > Software Update

Approximately 1.25 GB memory space required for the update. It may vary depending on the models. If enough memory and internet is available, you can update it by agreeing to apple terms.

Screen Time

Apple is trying to address the issue of smart phone addition called screen time. This will help to reduce the digital addiction by controlling the time which you are spending on different applications.  You can receive notification on the time spent on application.

You can also decide on the time you want to spend on each application. Screen time will remind you on the time which is remaining for each application and it also provides the report on the time you spend on applications.

Even though screen time application can help you to reduce the addiction it is you who must decide whether you want to be addicted or not and control the application based on it.

iOS 12 Features Improved Photos

“For You” tab shows your favourite pictures in one place and pictures in the memories and iCloud shared albums shows in a separate place. New interesting sharing options are including in the update.

Augmented reality

The new evolution of Augmented reality is the new feature in iOS 12. As per the reports Apple is working on the new augmented reality headset. New file format and a new app also available for ARkit 2. But this update will be available for the models in which ARKit already working. Another new feature is by looking through the phone camera you can measure things.

Better face detection and object detection are the features of Augmented reality and shared experiences of Augmented reality has improved.

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Siri is becoming smarter in iOS 12

Currently Siri is not the best smart assistant and hence Apple is introducing new features for the Siri in IOS 12. Siri can speak to Smart home devices like Amazon Alexa does. As per IOS 12 Siri has increased the number of languages that can translate to more than 40. Knowledge of the Siri has improved a lot. It gained more knowledge on local sports, local hobbies, local film stars, local foods etc. Siri also can recognize the people and places in the photos.

Forget I-Books

Apple books is replacing the I Books. The reason behind this could be to make it available in other platforms also.

Animoji to Memoji

Feature to create Memojis from the Animojis are available in IOS 12. Through this Animojis produced by the iphone can  further redesign and convert by making it more fun. The new tongue detection feature mimics when we put out the tongue.

Smart Notifications

The feature which is available currently with Android is now introduced in IOS 12. Notifications to the different applications can be separately seen with this feature.

Do Not Disturb

Notifications can be controlled through this feature. By using Critical Alerts unnecessary intrusion from outside can be prevented. Calls from contact numbers except favorites can be blocked if required.


With the iOS 12 updates speed has improved depending the phone models. Visible differences are there in cases with improved speed of more than 50% in launching of camera app and keyboard speed.

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Other Important  IOS 12 Features

  • Google maps and Waze can use with Apple CarPlay.
  • Voice memo app is available in Ipad IOS 12 update.
  • IOS News app works together with IOS Stocks app.
  • Stocks App is now available in Ipad also

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