Antivirus software protection is imperative now a days to protect you from various threats.

Viruses, Trojans and worms are a continuous and tangible threat that every online user has to be troubled with.

These threats have the possibility to affect the security and safety of all data stored on a personal computer or laptop.

And the worst part is for anybody surfing the internet, irrespective of how safe you may try to be, at some point it is virtually definite that you will get a virus. Anti-virus software is objectively common and lots of individuals use it.

However, there are also heaps of users who assert that they do not need any kind of antivirus software. Maybe they think that viruses aren’t enough of a risk to make downloading anti-virus software an imperative part of owning a company.

Other folks may have the false impression that their computer can be safe without anti-virus software. 

We are listing 4 reasons on why you should protect with an antivirus.

Viruses are really there

This is so correct. Viruses are universally present. Millions of e-mails sends every day with viruses in it.

A virus removal has become a necessary need these days.


When individuals visualize computer viruses, they think of them slowing down your computer or making the computers inept to load.

However, viruses can do more harm than this. Viruses can erase all of your data. This can e-mail all of your friends and infect them too from your computer.

Viruses can even hack your credit card numbers and send them to hackers and results in financial loss.


Another reason to download anti-virus software is that it is correspondingly easy for a virus to infect your system. Viruses can infect in several diverse ways. Visiting a website also may some times lead to virus infection to the system.

There are several security holes in Windows which can result in a virus infection. While you can update windows and install patches for these acute security holes, you might not get to these patches straightaway.

Windows security patches are released legitimately often and even waiting some hours to install one could be sufficient time for your computer to be infested by a virus.

Virus and malware are among the most common problems affecting a computer i.e. both desktop as well as laptop.With an antivirus if they are not eradicated they can do enormous damage to your system. 



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