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The Netgear EX2800 is the affordable and the best Wifi available today. At 40 USD, it fills your home with data. It is inexpensive with security and has the Apple’s Touch ID with two-factor authentication.

Wifi Range Extender

EX2800 fits into an AC outlet at 2.7×2.7×1.8 inches that doesn’t block an adjacent outlet. This lacks the adjustable antennas but has a two-prong plug. It cannot be used as a wired access point because it does not have an Ethernet port.

Four LEDs like device, power, router and device act like a signal strength meter along with the optimal placement. It glows green when everything seems fine. This has the wireless connection to the host router as it retransmits stronger 2.4 and 5GHz signals.


This can move up to 750Mbps and use WiFi-5 technology. The EX2800 delivered 24.4 Mbps when placed on the same floor 40-feet from the router and the test system of 50-feet away.

EX2800 takes the low 1-watt of power for a week’s usage. This takes 1.10 USD per year of the electricity cost when left for 24/7. It is not hard to work with a single band called Fast Lane. Can use ThinkPad T470 and type “,” to create a new account and use EX2800 as a range extender. You can pick up the two networks to enter their passwords and extend them.

It takes a minute for the software to set up the extension. One year warranty and 90 days of service is provided for the EX2800. Netgear staff assistance is provided for 24/7. EX2800 lacks features that are offered by AC2600 Wifi Range Extender and TP-Link RE650, these have a wired Ethernet port with a superior performance.


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