How To Convert MP4 to DVD with Movavi Video Converter? This is a question many have and we are trying to answer it here.

There are many video formats currently and as technology advances more formats will be created. This poses an advantage as well as a challenge.

The advantage is that every video format was made for intended purposes which they serve.

However, the downside is that these video files cannot be played by other devices or players for which they were not made.

It is therefore necessary that one has to covert a video to a different format that can play. MP4 is one of the most common video formats and has been used when transferring video files on the internet, on computers and other portable devices.

With the help of video converter you can convert MP4 to DVD to be able to watch the video on TV screens through DVD players.

How To Convert MP4 to DVD with Movavi Video Converter?

It is always very convenient to get a fast and reliable video converter. Movavi is easily one of the best MP4 to DVD converters that has ever been made.

It is fast, reliable and allows you to modify your video to enhance the quality just before you convert. Some of the feature is adjusting brightness, sharpness, contrast and other feature enhancements.

However, if your video is perfect and you do not need these features you can simply go ahead and convert the file. One of the remarkable features of this converter is that you can reverse the conversion process from DVD to MP4 and will not lose the contents of the video file.

The Conversion Process

First you will have to download the software for your Windows computer. This should not be a challenge at all since the software is on Movavi website.

Windows is an good interface and will allow for smooth running of your application so long as there enough space, RAM and good processing speed.

Once you have downloaded the program you will then run the .exe file and launch it for use.

The MP4 to DVD feature is in Movavi Video Converter Software. click on “Add MP4” after launching the program. This will take you to Windows explorer and you will select the video that you want to convert.

Another way to input file on Movavi MP4 to DVD converter is by drag and drop feature. Once you have the file you want to convert on the converter you will then select the type of file you want to convert it to.

In this case you will be converting to DVD and so select “Convert to” and you will get all the presets available for you to choose. Select the “Video and audio” formats and then select DVD.

After this you will then pick the resolution that is best for you. There are different types of resolutions and the one you choose will depend on your player as well as the size of the output file you need.


On the “Browse” button you can click the Destination of the file. This will guide the MP4 to DVD converter on where to place the file after the conversion process. You shouldn’t mix this with other files so place

it separately to avoid confusing the videos. You should then go ahead and convert your file. The time of conversion will really depend on the size of the file.


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