Smart Home Technology is increasing its acceptance day by day . New Smart Home Technology enabled devices and smart home gadgets are also introduce by companies who focus on innovation.

Let us what exactly is Smart Home Technology and few of the smart home gadgets powered by innovative technologies.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is home that equips advanced technologies .In smart home all devices ,lighting,appliances etc integrates with all integrates with one another .

The home owner remotely controls all these through mobile app or voice . This servers the purpose of making the life of the user easier and comfortable.

The term smart home technology refers to devices, appliances and systems that are synchronized in a single network and can control through remotes, smartphones and even tablets.

Since everything connects each other smart home knows as connected home. The devices work side by side with each other and provide the most user-friendly home that one can dream off.

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Best smart home technologies

You will find a bunch load of smart home technologies in the smart home market.

You can buy the best ones but every year there are advancements and new features are added to the smart home technologies . There is a newer version of a technology almost every year so either you can stay with the one you have or upgrade your home with the new technologies to get the most comfort out of them.

Listing some of the best smart home technologies for the year 2018 ;

Google home

Google home is a smart speaker that taps into all your Google tools such as your Gmail account, your calendar, your contacts and your music stream. The speaker keeps you updates with any changes in any of the Google tools and also controls other smart devices such as television, audio and video systems and etc.

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Arlo Q’s 1080p camera

Arlo Q by NETGEAR - 1080p HD Security Camera - Smart Home Appliance

One of the best perks offered by a smart home is high-level security. With the Arlo Q’s 1080p you can keep a record of all the happening inside and outside of your home during the day and even night as well. The device allows you to record the video of a week for free. It is the best smart home technology that offers you maximum security.

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ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

Ecobee4 is a smart and sleek thermostat that ensures whether all the rooms and the corners of your home are getting the right temperature or not. This means that the device comes with a touchscreen interface and a remote sensor that keeps your rooms heated during winters and cooler during the summers.

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Philips Hue White starter kit

Philips Hue White A19 60W Equivalent LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit -Smart Home Appliance

This kit of bulbs includes 2 smart bulbs and a hub to connect these bulbs to the other devices. You can adjust the brightness of these bulbs and make them energy efficient. The bulbs work with all smart home systems . It can be used to change the color and tone of the room.

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August Door Bell

August Door Bell
August Door Bell

August’s clever HindSense is the best video doorbell that you would find in the smart home technology. The bell shows faces of those who rang the bell during the day and even at night. It is not like a traditional bell but has so much to offer you.

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