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Are You Human Too is South Korean Television Series coming under the genre of drama or movie.

If you are interested in technology and a movie or drama series worm then you are at the right place. Are you human too is a Korean Drama Series.

Robot has a hero kind of role in this television series.

This drama displays the future technology of what a robot is capable.It became viral because of the sweet ingredients. Assistant Kang sobong fells in love with the Robot Nam Sin.

As there are two Nam Sins in the drama series the real Nam Sins who is rude always.The Robotic Nam Sin being a cool robot as programmed that way by her mother.


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Before climax they even do a presentation in the film all about Smart City where a place for the robotics life to come in real life.

It is one time watch series if you are very much interested about the technology and you like watching sci-fi kind of movies. Keep a note it has total 36 series.



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