Most people can’t go long without their phones anymore. Yet, phone batteries have always been a disappointment. Aren’t you tired of fumbling with your phone and portable charger while trying to avoid that dead battery? No need to worry about dropping your phone or losing it in your bottomless bag anymore ! . Relay , a 2 – in – 1 charging cable and belt is a solution to overcome this issue.

RELAY is a charging cable embedded in your everyday belt, connecting between your portable charger and your phone without any wire mess. It will keep your hands free from clutter of wires and portable charger. You can wear it in any situation, so you always won’t forget. Comes with micro adjustable track for the best comfort.


charging belt


Fiberics believes in both form and function, and it really shows in their newest product. The beautifully simple design of RELAY means it is a fashionable twist on your everyday wear. It looks like any other belt, with the wires hidden neatly in the inner lining of the belt when not in use. Even with the wires out, it is worth showing off to everyone who sees it. It’s multi-purpose design fits both casual and formal scenarios, meaning you won’t need to leave it behind on any occasion.


charging belt


The charging cable inside of RELAY works just like any your already own. All you need is to plug in your portable charger and phone and place them in your pockets. There are both iPhone compatible and Android compatible versions of RELAY. The leather belt, which is the foundation of RELAY, uses a micro-adjustable buckle and track to be easily worn and adjusted on the go.

Where to get it

Fiberics will be launching RELAY – The World’s First 2-in-1 Charging Cable & Belt soon on Kickstarter. Follow them @fibericsrelaybelt on Instagram, Fiberics on Facebook/Twitter or visit them at



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