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WhatsApp allows the users to let know about their privacy policy. It uses Status messages for updating users with their changes in privacy policy. The new terms of service and new privacy policies sent a lot of users to other messaging apps that include Signal and Telegram.

The status messages appeared quite a few times in India and now it is shown to the United Kingdom and the United States. The recently appeared Whatsapp status read ” Whatsapp can’t listen or read to your conversations as they are end-to-end encrypted.” This would be spotted in the Whatsapp statuses on the top of all messages of your contacts.

A WhatsApp spokesperson told Verge about their new move in Whatsapp saying ” there is confusion and misinformation about our recent update and we help everyone understand the facts behind how Whatsapp protects people’s security and privacy. We will provide updates to people in the Status tab so people would hear from Whatsapp directly. We reaffirm that neither Facebook nor Whatsapp can see your messages because they are protected by end-to-end encryption.”

Status messages are used by WhatsApp to provide right information about its privacy policies to the users. Lot of misconceptions happened on how the privacy policy would share the personal conversation of users with Facebook. The company outrightly denies. This did not stop users from migrating to other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram, which users consider safer than Whatsapp. Looking into the matter, Whatsapp has delayed on rolling out its new terms of service and privacy policies.


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