What is WordPress hosting and why need a separate hosting for WordPress. These are the queries often ask by a beginner blogger or some one want to build a WordPress website.

It is possible to create personal blogs and business websites with WordPress.

What makes WordPress most powerful is its simplicity and ease of use.  Even those who have relatively little technical knowledge can create a blog or business website easily with WordPress.

WordPress has easy to navigate user interface. The area to input text and media is similar to most e-mail client interfaces, like Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. This familiarity makes it easy to add text, images, and videos without the knowledge of coding. Those with experience in coding can easily switch to the more advanced interface.

Aside from blogging,  Web developers  use WordPress as a content management system  for small business websites.

With WordPress platform  users can easily edit the content of the website without programming knowledge. For example, a restaurant using WordPress as a CMS can change their daily menu by clicking on the Pages button and editing the information in the text box without depending a web developer .

Who Uses WordPress?

Since WordPress is such a flexible tool, this is one of the most popular personal blogging platform available and is also quite popular for small business websites also.

It is possible to change the look and feel of the websites by editing ready-made templates and hence WordPress can be used for virtually any purpose, from online portfolios, to fashion blogs, to business websites.

While a beginner can change the content of the WordPress website, changing the look of the website depends  on your technical and design skills. Often, bloggers and business owners use the services of professional WordPress designers to get a unique look for their website.

Choosing a hosting service for your WordPress website is depending on your requirements.

Independent WordPress Hosting

Sometimes a beginner blogger may go for a free WordPress blog .However if you are looking for a blogging website which need to grow a free service cannot meet your requirements.

Purchasing WordPress hosting independently at the beginning stage make it easy to avoid the headache of migration on later stage. Because free service cannot have a domain name of your choice as it comes as a domain extension. Hence migration on later stage require redirection of traffic to new URL and it may affect search engine optimization.

If your WordPress usage will be strictly business-related, it is highly recommended that you do not use the free WordPress blog system and use a WordPress hosting company right from the beginning.

While many website hosts offer WordPress hosting, not all the offerings are the same. Major thing to consider while selecting WordPress hosting provider is customer support. It is important to investigate which companies provide the highest levels of support 24/7 so that you can ensure your blog is running without interruption.


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