WordPress hosting requirements are the minimum requirements set by WordPress for hosting WordPress websites.

Before explaining on the requirements for the WordPress hosting  let us see the importance of choosing right web hosting.

Choosing right WordPress host

If you’re just beginning to venture into the world of personal blogging or you are ready for your first business website, you may get confused because of the number of WordPress hosting options available to you.

Not all WordPress hosting providers has similar features and hence it is important not to blindly choose the provider with the lowest price tag. Remember that hosting is the factor that decides how well your website is running.

In other words, choosing right WordPress host is extremely important.

Since the price difference between WordPress hosting providers is a matter of a few dollars, better to go with the provider that has the best reputation and service.

WordPress Hosting Requirements

With each new version, WordPress puts out a set of minimum requirements for WordPress hosting providers.

Generally speaking, these guidelines require WordPress hosts to provide users with recent versions of PHP and MySQL for optimum performance. If you’re not sure whether your hosting provider offers updated versions of PHP and MySQL, follow these guidelines:

  • Send the host an email asking what version of PHP and MySQL they’re providing WordPress clients.
  • Once you receive a response, visit the WordPress Minimum Requirements page to see whether the host has this version.

In general, those web hosting companies that advertise WordPress hosting  lists these specifications . However, you can still confirm about the types of servers the hosting company uses (WordPress recommends Apache or Nginx for optimal performance), and what type of security services are available.

Also, make sure that the WordPress host provides one-click installation for WordPress. If this option isn’t available, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a web host that isn’t accustomed to dealing with WordPress clients. You may face issues if you are dealing with a support team who fully cannot understand WordPress issues.

Other things to look when choosing WordPress web host

Look for a provider that has a 24/7 support desk, and ask about how long it typically takes for the team to response to new service tickets. It may be a good idea to get the opinions of others who have used the WordPress hosting services of a particular company.

You can check with other bloggers or businesses similar to yours about their experiences with the hosting providers they use. You can also ask a host to provide references in certain cases if they are not a reputed one.

Now that you understood the WordPress web hosting requirements and why WordPress hosting is an essential part. It is time to set up your first WordPress hosting account and get your business online.




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