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Managed WordPress Hosting ! What is it ? And Is It Really Required ?

If you are beginner who are looking for a WordPress website probably you would have asked the above questions.

The biggest benefit to using WordPress as the content management system (CMS) for your business website is simplicity and ease-of-use.

With simple interface you can quickly update your website with new products, services and share a recent business updates.

Now you have decided  on WordPress platform for your business website right? So how do you make sure that your website is secure which run efficiently.

The answer lies in selecting the right WordPress hosting service for your purposes.

Official WordPress website does allow users to host their blogs for free. However there are couple of drawbacks in using the free services.

The first is that you have to use a WordPress URL such as So instead of having a web address of, which properly and professionally represents your business, you end up using a wordpress domain.

Second thing is, hosting on WordPress isn’t as flexible or as supportive as solid independent hosting. If your traffic increases, your website may freeze or shut down. Independent WordPress hosting will prevent such issues from arising.

Free hosting that comes with WordPress is great for a learning purpose. But is not the best solution if you plan a reliable website for your potential customers to learn about your products and services.

How Is Managed WordPress Hosting Different?

Compared to traditional web hosting, Managed WordPress hosting is set up based on specifications from the WordPress Minimum Requirements.

These minimum requirements state that the host must provide WordPress users with recent versions of PHP and MySQL.

WordPress also recommends Apache or Nginx as the best servers for running WordPress, and suggests using something like suPHP for security purposes. However, the latter recommendations are secondary to the PHP and MySQL requirements.

Since these requirements change with each generation of WordPress, it’s a good idea to check out the most recent hosting requirements directly on the WordPress Minimum Requirements page.

You can avoid technical issues by using a hosting company that specializes in WordPress from the beginning itself.

In addition, WordPress hosting companies utilize software that allows users to set up their WordPress websites or blogs with one-click installation. This software allows users to easily create a blog within their hosting package directly through the hosting website, which simplifies the process greatly. As the phrase “one-click installation” suggests, all of this can be done with simply one button click.

WordPress Hosting Support

Hosting companies that specifically provide service for WordPress clients have expertise in supporting the issues that occur with WordPress services.

While WordPress is by far the superior blogging platform available, it sometimes trouble users during periodic updates, traffic surges, or other internal issues that may arise. A good WordPress hosting company may help you through any confusion you may have about the performance and hosting side of your WordPress site, plus they will often solve problems before you even notice they exist.


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