Comparison of shared and dedicated hosting help you select the best suitable one for your hosting requirements.

You can select among thousands of web hosting companies fro your website. These companies offer number of amazing services as well.

You can choose among these services depending on your website.

With the advancement of technology a new server technology has been introduced known as virtual dedicated server or virtual private server.

This VPS has provided thousands of people to enjoy the facilities of dedicated server in cost effective manner.

Difference between Web Hosting and Internet Service Provide.

People usually mix up both, web hosting and internet service providers. There are very few internet service providers who offer web hosting facility as well.

In the same way there are few web hosting companies who offer ISP. There is clear difference between both of the.

ISP companies provide you the facility to use internet like you connect to internet and surf different websites. While web hosting companies are those who hold the data of those websites that you visit through internet.

What is Shared Hosting?

Most of the websites that you visit on internet are hosted on shared hosting as it is the most common and cheap hosting service for a website.

We call it a shared hosting service as hundreds of different websites are being hosted on a single server or on the same hardware.

Shared hosting is an amazing technology that allows millions of visitors to access the same server without any risk and interruption.

This is very simple as there is a control panel for admin with which he can easily add other domain name and host a new website.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

On the other hand dedicated hosting is the most expensive web hosting service.

The main difference is that in dedicated hosting server only one customer has access to the admin of the server. Means hardware will be used for only one customer.

The client will have full access to the server and will have administrative rights to it. He can easily upgrade, reinstall or update his server.

Shared is better than dedicated.

If you do not have some specific reasons to choose a dedicated server then you should get a shared server than dedicated server.

Shared servers also offer some services like free support and maintenance. The main benefit of shared server is that the company will be responsible for uptime of your website. If there is any error or crash in the system then company will be responsible to fix it.

Here is list of some task that shared hosting companies offer for their customers.

  • They keep on checking hardware of servers like RAM and other hard drives installed.
  • They keep a check on all the software running on their systems.
  • If your website is going down then the company will take care of any disorder. In quick response the server will start automatically to fix some errors.
  • They offer strong benefits for account management, data backup and restoration.

We have some hosting companies who offer dedicated server with some additional services. You need not to pay for extra services.

Extra services that dedicated servers offer is the maintenance of your hardware installed for your dedicated server. if there is any other problem in your server then you need to know the exact problem before you can ask for resolution to the company.

In dedicated hosting server customer will have to bear some additional cost for following tasks:

  • You will not come to know which hardware part of your server is not working
  • If your website is down then there will be no one to bring back your backup.
  • For security reasons you will not get anyone to investigate hacking activity.
  • You need to know the procedures of backup and should know how to restore them.

Shared hosting is much better than a dedicated hosting service if you need not to rely on some special needs.

It is in your budget and offers some service that you need not to worry about your server.


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