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SiteGround Cloud Hosting is gaining faster acceptance and we are listing out its features and benefits.

When the trend of websites and web space had started, we’ve been familiar with Web Hosting as well as the different categories in the section. For instance, we knew pretty good about shared web hosting, fully-fledged dedicated servers and some semi-dedicated managed servers.

However, with the advent of Cloud Computing, we came across something newer — namely, Cloud Web Hosting. If you search in the marketplace, you understand that SiteGround  is one of the best providers of reliable  hosting service. However few don’t really know the benefits and characteristics of cloud hosting.

In this article, we’ll have a look on the SiteGround Cloud Hosting services, the different categories, its price and different advantages you get when you choose cloud over the traditional counterpart.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Before we move into SiteGround Services, it’s essential to make sure that you have a clear enough idea about the concept of cloud web hosting, which is better known as Cloud Hosting.

As you may know, in the traditional web hosting scenario, your web content — let that be your website files, storage files or something else — is stored in a physical server that is connected to the internet. Upon user demand, the content is withdrawn and the process goes back and forth.

In Cloud Hosting, however, your data will be stored in different virtual locations and will be accessed as per the demand from the user. Because of this concept design, cloud web hosting ensures extra scalability, speed, reliability and performance in the end.

Since the network is available everywhere, network failures or infrastructure failures are not going to affect the functioning of your website or blog. This is the basic idea you should have when it comes to cloud hosting.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Now you got basic idea about cloud hosting . Let us see SiteGround Cloud Hosting one of the prominent providers of cloud hosting services, suited for different kinds of purposes and different customers.

In addition to the state-of-the-art infrastructure that is under the hoods, SiteGround claims to offer fast, scalable and fully-managed cloud hosting service for its customers, who need all those features in a comprehensive package.

Whether you are planning a fully-fledged news website or a heavy-resource-consuming web app  SiteGround has suitable cloud hosting package for you .

In addition to the standard options you’d get in the cloud hosting package, SiteGround Cloud Hosting has some superb features to offer.

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Notable Features of SiteGround Cloud Hosting


Automated Scalability is a stunning feature of SiteGround Cloud Hosting . It relieves the user from the doubts and tensions of overuse of resources  or the bandwidth limit.

In the cloud hosting package from SiteGround, you have the option to set your server in the auto-scale mode. In this, resources will be enhanced automatically if the instance needs more resources.

Fully Managed Servers in Use

When you choose the cloud hosting package of SiteGround, what you get is a collection of fully managed servers.

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It’s a good effect in the long run, especially if you’re not that technical. This way, you will be able to free yourself from a lot of technicalities. The experienced team from SiteGround will take care of your virtual server and whatever that is related to the successful maintenance.

Best Performance, thanks to Hardware

SiteGround makes use of top-level hardware to ensure the performance level of your website or blog. The platform is way too fast, thanks to the use of lightweight Linux containers. Also, this enhancement of speed is made possible via the use of SSDs as.

Daily Backups, CDN and More

With all the plans of SiteGround Cloud Hosting, you get free daily backups. Hence you don’t have to worry of a sudden crash or data loss.

Similarly, there’s an integrated Content Delivery Network, which serves your website or blog to the customers in the best time possible. Additional features include Softaculous installer, free private SSL, SSH access, one dedicated IP, free domain name etc.

Why SiteGround Cloud Hosting is Beneficial?

There are several benefits that make SiteGround Cloud Hosting a worth-going-for service. The notable ones are:

  • Enhanced performance, due to the use of SSDs and Auto-Scaling technology of SiteGround.
  • Easier integration and smooth running of CMSs — as in case of WordPress, there is Automated updates and GIT integration, along with better caching options.
  • Auto-Scalability brings the pay-as-you-go scenario into resource consumption, which cuts down the budget.
  • SiteGround Cloud Hosting is much reliable than the traditional hosting scenario, because of the option that is storing your files in different virtual locations
  • Customizable plans make it easier for customers to choose the appropriate resource combination

Plans and Pricing of SiteGround Cloud

As of now, four different plans are offered by the Cloud Hosting sector of SiteGround. Based on the purpose 4 package plans are available. The brief info on those plans are:

  1. Entry Plan: It offers a server with 2 CPU Cores, 4 GB of RAM and 40 GB SSD of disk storage space. You have 5 TB of bandwidth, and all these are available at $80.00 per month.
  2. Business Plan: This plan costs $120.00 and offers 3 CPU Cores,, 6 GB of RAM and the storage space of 60 GB SSD. It also gives a bandwidth of 5 TB.
  3. Business Plus Plan: It is available for a monthly rate of $160.00 . It offers a server with 4 CPU Cores and has a RAM of 8 GB. When combined with storage space of 80 GB SSD, it is suitable for big business. Included 5 TB bandwidth also.
  4. Super Power: This is the last plan in the range, offering 8 CPU Cores, 10 GB RAM and 120 GB SSD .With the bandwidth of 5 TB per month, it’s a good deal.

Despite to package plans, SiteGround allows you to customize the plans to suite your convenience, requirement and of course budget.

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Along with all  packages SiteGround provides VIP-level support . There are different methods to reach an expert support team member and the quality of assistance is worth the effort. People always love the 24*7 support which SiteGround has.


Now we saw SiteGround Cloud Hosting and its different features .Let us conclude it.  SiteGround offers a wide variety of features through the consumer-friendly plans it has.

When we consider the pricing options the features SiteGround offers is of great value . Altogether, for the always-growing website, blog or web app, SiteGround Cloud Hosting is the best option to go for.


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