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Semi dedicated hosting is a form of dedicated hosting that is considered to be a shared dedicated hosting.

On a broader you can call it combination of dedicated hosting and shares hosting.

Semi dedicated hosting provides the customers reliable hosting service as dedicated hosting service and it offers to more than one customer as in shared hosting service.

We have discussed that semi-dedicated hosting is a shared hosting but it offers to only a number of customers lets say only three to five customers.

Maximum five persons can only share the same server. The advantage of semi-dedicated server is that is offers the same bandwidth as is in dedicated server. Only a number of customer avail this semi-dedicated service as it is for limited number of customers.

There are some features that are offered by semi-dedicated or shared dedicated hosting service. Semi dedicated server can be taken as a upgrade version of shared hosting.

With semi-dedicated server you can get unlimited storage capacity for your websites and you will get backup facility as well to keep all your data save.

There is not limitation for bandwidth as it is in shared hosting. Using this service you will enjoy full downloading and uploading.

Using semi-dedicated server you will never experience low speed. With this you can enjoy unlimited hosting as well.

The other benefit of it is that you can manage your server using a very simple interface. You can easily run your server.

You can easily install different software like libraries, setting up your Apache and PHP. You will not face any difficulty while installing any software according to the requirements.

In semi-dedicated hosting resources being used are equally distributed between all the customers. The advanced technologies are being used for such types of servers.

Semi-dedicated servers offer higher CPU speed as compared to shared hosting and a space of almost 12GB, this much space is enough; to handle a large traffic on your website.

This also helps you to install more software on your server and can write more complex scripts on your server. Semi-dedicated server makes you free from facing problems and secure your data using different utilities like Antivirus, firewall, content compression and anti spam etc.

There are other advantages of semi-dedicated service as well like email hosting. You can have the facility of online mail box, and chatting.

You can also have secure IMAP and POP, forwarders. You can manually filter you emails. There are some servers who offer search engine feature as well.

As we have discussed that maximum five person share a single server then the response time of a semi-dedicated server is not affected at all.

If a server has less number of customers then the visitors will enjoy fast browsing to your websites. You should better to select a registered company for your business.

You can select a semi-dedicated server for your business rather than investing more money in getting dedicated server.

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