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Are you buying a refrigerator ?

If so consider some important factors before deciding which one to buy.

some point, everyone has to go through the hassle of looking for a new refrigerator, but there are many different things you need to consider before making such a large purchase.

Muddying up the waters even more is the fact that you also have to consider what fits in with your home or apartment as opposed to just what looks best in the store.  After all, these appliances just don’t stand on their own but they have to fit into your kitchen, provide the use and services you need, and function for several years.

The next time you go looking for a brand new refrigerator, make sure to take a checklist with you that ask questions on some of these issues.

Size Of The Refrigerator

The size of the refrigerator matters, but keep in mind that you need to be able to fit it into your home and in the kitchen.

This means you should have several measurements before going shopping, including the size of your door, and the size of the space where you can fit in the refrigerator.

If you’re only off by a mere inch, it won’t slip in by the counter or underneath the cupboard.  While almost everyone prefers a larger fridge, if it doesn’t fit in your apartment then it doesn’t make sense to purchase.

Size Of Freezer

This is something not enough people think about before buying a brand new refrigerator.  Do you eat a lot of frozen foods, or virtually none?

Will a skinny and smaller freezer fit you, or do you hunt and fish and need a lot of freezer space to store everything?  These questions should have a major impact on what type of design or model you go for.

Many refrigerator reviews talk about features or total storage space, but how much of that storage is freezer space and how much of it is refrigeration space?  This is a critical question that can have a huge effect on many people depending on their dietary habits.

Style And Design

There are multiple types of refrigerator styles out there, and you will want to decide which one is best for you.

The French Door style is popular involving side by side doors that go from top to bottom, although many people who have a freezer food heavy diet don’t like this model.  Then there are models that have a pull out freezer on the bottom, or an open door freezer on top of the refrigeration unit.

All these styles set up their storage space in different ways and there are some strong pros and cons to each.

This doesn’t even go into the surface appearance like stainless steel, wood panel, plain white and metallic black.  Whatever the overall appearance of your kitchen is, most likely there’s a style and design that will allow it to fit in.

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Each refrigerator unit is a little different, and before purchasing a new one, you should take a look at how the temperature control works.  Is it near the front and easy to adjust?  Is it near the back towards the freezer?

Some modern fridges have a climate control type of set up where one part of the fridge can be made colder than another.

Is this something you really need, or is it a bell and whistle distracting you from the fact that that’s an awful small freezer space?  Look at the shelving system and think about what you commonly buy at the grocery store.

Do you have enough space?  Are the shelves adjustable?  These are extremely important things to look at before making a purchase.

Energy Consumption

Everyone knows that a refrigerator runs all the time, meaning it is constantly using energy and adds to that electric bill.

There’s no way around this, but looking at modern Energy Star models cannot only help you do your part to help the environment, but they’re also going to save you a good chunk of change over the life time of the appliance.


In the end, it should come as no surprise that cost matters.

While the cheapest might not be the best, have an idea of how much you can really afford to spend and if choosing between two or more models ask yourself: do I really want to pay the extra “X” amount just for those one or two extra features?  If the answer “yes”, then go for it.

Considering the above factors when buying a refrigerator may help you to choose a suitable fridge for your home.


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