Bluehost Vs Siteground is comparison between the 2 popular web hosting companies such as Bluehost and SiteGround.

In another articles, we have compared SiteGround with few other web hosting providers. We have found that SiteGround has specific advantages over the competition.

We bring you such comparisons to make it easier for you to select suitable solution based on your needs.

In this article,Bluehost and SiteGround, we are comparing two popular services . Both web hosting offers almost  similar features.

Founded in 2003, with a decade of rich experience, Bluehost has come a long way and has evolved as a better host. And both host about millions of websites at present. But how does it fare against its strong competitor? The question remains unanswered. Let us see their comparison in depth to get a clear Idea.

Hosting Plans

Bluehost comes with three different plans to suit every business type. Their basic plan starts at $2.95/month which allows you to host only one website while giving 50 GB SSD of disk space .

Bluehost Vs Siteground – Comparison Of 2 Web Hosting Services
Bluehost Vs Siteground – Comparison Of 2 Web Hosting Services

bluehost vps web hosting 3The Plus plan and Choice Plus available at $4.95/month and $ 5.45/month respectively. Both these plans give unlimited websites to host, unlimited storage space and unlimited email accounts to access.

You also get a marketing credit of up to $200 with these two plans while you need to plan extra for getting features like Global CDN, SSL, and dedicated IP etc. Currently, Bluehost is offering impressive discounts for their customers so you can avail their basic plan for as low as $2.95/month.

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One the other hand, SiteGround hosting plans are quite similar to that offered by their opponent. Their Startup plan starts at as low as $3.95 per monthly allowing only one website, 10 GB storage space and 10,000 monthly visits.

The GrowBig plan comes at $5.95/month allowing you to host multiple websites, 20 GB storage and managing up to 25,000 monthly visits.

The GoGeek plan comes at $11.95/monthly allowing multiple websites to host, 30 GB storage space and up to 100,000 monthly visits. All these plans include a free domain name and you also get free domain setup and transfer. Plus you also get a 30 days money back guarantee.

Bluehost Vs Siteground – Comparison Of 2 Web Hosting Services
Bluehost Vs Siteground – Comparison Of 2 Web Hosting Services

Albeit both these hosts offers their basic plan at the same cost, SiteGround is slightly on the expensive side as they charge additional even for services like site migration and setup.

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Speed and Performance

Both the hosts guarantee an uptime of 99% and fast site loading speed. Bluehost has three data centers with self-built web servers having the dual quad processor, and 64 GB DDR3 memory.

Their data centers has UPS power supply, diesel generators and fiber connection with 24/7 network monitoring. The average server response time offered by Bluehost is 320 ms.

SiteGround utilizes high-quality DELL server with data centers located in Chicago, Amsterdam and Singapore which has redundant power supply and real-time monitoring.

The average server response time offered is of 250 ms and is known to process requests faster and till date they haven’t faced server down issues so far.

The super speed is made possible by the fast caching offered by SuperCacher, Memcache and Cloud Flare CDN which helps in loading your pages faster. These all factors contribute to make SiteGround more desirable than Bluehost.

Hosting Features

Talking about their features then both these web hosts offer few same features such as unlimited server resources, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, SSH and both provide cPanel (control panel) which is known for giving ease of operation even to a beginner. Both support latest version of MySQL, PHP and are compatible with Perl too.

Apart from the above, Bluehost also provides 1-click Script installer, Ruby on rails and PostgreSQL. They have advantage over SiteGround as they give anytime money back guarantee and support payment through PayPal too whereas SiteGround supports payments made only via Visa and MasterCard.

Speaking of SiteGround, they come with features like daily and regular backups and malware scans to prevent hacking activities and ensure protection, Automatic upgrades, CDN, one-click staging to test your site designs, Git version and free site migration that too at no additional cost.

Technical Support

Offering a good service is of prime importance if one has to retain their customer.Bluehost offers support through live chat, email and phone call which are available 24/7.

They claim to offer a helpful service but often lag with their ticketing system which takes more waiting time.

SiteGround ensures good customer support through different modes such as live chat, ticketing system and phone support.

Besides these, they also have their online tutorials and blogs available to give you more information and details on hosting related issues and how to tackle them. Their service is found to be more accurate compared to Bluehost.

SiteGround Vs Bluehost – Our Pick

We hope this article gave all the insights if the comparison between SiteGround vs Bluehost. If you look at the speed, performance and service, it should be clear that SiteGround is a better choice.

Their service makes them of the most sought after hosting choice of many users around the globe. You can be worry-free with SiteGround and let them handle all the hosting related issues so that you can enjoy hassle-free operation.


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