SiteGround Coupon Code is a gateway to get discount on your web hosting needs in selected plans offered by SiteGround.

Before one decade or so, choosing a web host for your website or blog was an easy task — because there were only a handful of web hosting service providers around the globe.

Now, things have become different, and you can find a huge number of web hosts around, many of them are quite promising in terms of quality and sustainable features.

SiteGround web hosting — one of the most used, popular and trusted web hosts — is definitely on the good, offering top-notch quality services. In this article, we’ll have a briefer look at SiteGround hosting services and SiteGround coupon codes. So, you will know how good is this web host as well as an effective method to get an unbelievable discount when you purchase SiteGround coupon.

First, we shall have an overview of SiteGround as a web hosting provider.

SiteGround — An Overview

It’s been around 12 years since SiteGround started its journey as a web hosting service!

Having started its journey in 2004, SiteGround has been able to provide the best quality web hosting and related services to global customers. It’s based in Sofia, Bulgaria and has hundreds of  employees to serve you well.

Now, as you have an about SiteGround as a company, we will discuss the different products and services you’d get from the firm.

SiteGround Coupon Codes — Get A Discount

Even when you are an established professional, spending too much on web hosting may not be a thing that you love.

To help you with that, there are some SiteGround discount coupons, which helps you avail huge discounts when it’s time to purchase the stunning hosting services from the web host.

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SiteGround — Hosting Plans Offered

Obviously, there are different hosting packages available from SiteGround! So, you will be able to get the best-suited web hosting package for your upcoming site or blog. The prominent web hosting packages from SiteGround are:

  • Shared Hosting

Best-suited for beginner websites and blogs that expect medium amount of traffic, SiteGround has its shared hosting packages. Three plans are available in this category and the basic plan costs you $3.95 per month, offering 10 GB web storage space and single-domain hosting.

  • Cloud Hosting

When you want to rely on cloud computing technology to power your website, blog or web app, you can get a cloud hosting package from SiteGround, for which four plans are available there. The first plan in the list of four is available for a monthly rent of $60.00.

  • Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server hosting packages are meant to be helpful when you need unshared resources and performance. Its price range depends upon the server requirement you have. To choose, there are three dedicated server plans from SiteGround — Entry, Power and Enterprise Servers. All these plans are affordably priced and offer standard amount of resources per month.

  • Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting isn’t actually a consumer-friendly hosting package. If when you are a webmaster , you can rely on SiteGround reseller hosting. They offer enough customization and features to enrich your reseller experience.

  • WordPress and Joomla Hosting

Apart from the traditional forms of web hosting, SiteGround also offers dedicated hosting that is tailored for Joomla and WordPress. You will be able to run your favorite CMS in these servers while unleashing the maximum potential and performance. The price may be a bit higher, but the features are really worth what you pay.

Summing Up

So, we have seen the different web hosting packages offered by SiteGround Coupon Code! Nevertheless, it needs to be noted that the company is offering some other solutions as well — for instance, there are WordPress and Joomla themes you’d get and some cool tutorials for both CMSs. While seeing SiteGround as a webmaster, it’s quite promising and its web hosting features make sense. At the same time, SiteGround coupon code and discounts make it easy for beginners to purchase hosting. It’s all good, altogether.


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