Bluehost VPS web hosting has become popular with variety of features and benefits that can meet your web hosting requirements.

Bluehost VPS  has can set up easily. You can buy web hosting from Bluehost by following the below steps.

Follow the steps to purchase  Bluehost VPS Web Hosting .


Click here on the Hosting link or below image to access the Bluehost home page.

bluehost vps web hosting
bluehost vps web hosting

Click here to access the home page


Click on the VPS Hosting link under the hosting tab on the Bluehost homepage, as in the image below:

bluehost vps web hosting discount
bluehost vps web hosting discount
Get VPS option from Web Hosting


bluehost vps web hosting 3
hosting plans

Currently you have a choice to make particular package of VPS hosting from the list  as you see below.

You can opt for suitable package of your choice to start with. You can always upgrade  hosting package later on when you need more server resources. Now you start with a economical option and later it can be upgraded also based on your needs.


From here you can proceed based on whether you have domain name or not. You can select a suitable option based on your status.

bluehost vps web hosting domain
bluehost vps web hosting domain

If you do not own a domain name then fill in box 1 to search for the domain so that you can get it setup and proceed to the next step.

Don’t worry if you are not sure at this stage what domain name you want to use for your final website as you can always buy multiple domain names later on to use with your new hosting account!

If you already have a domain that you own and wish to use with your new Bluehost VPS webhosting package then simply fill in box 2.

If your domain is with another registrar you can transfer it or can continue with same registrar .If you are continuing with same registrar you can change the name servers.


At this stage you are now ready to setup your account with Bluehost by filling in the required personal details, as you can see in the image below:

bluehost vps web hosting sign up
bluehost vps web hosting sign up

As you can see your Bluehost purchase receipt will be sent to the email address you specify, so please make certain to choose your correct email address.


You can now choose the duration of time for which you want to buy Bluehost VPS web hosting.

As you can see in the drop down boxes you can choose anywhere from 1 to 36 months.

Domain name privacy prevents your purchase address details from being made public, so for that reason it is recommended to keep it based on your requirement.


If you buy more number options you save money because of the higher discount.

Once again deselecting domain name privacy does not make the overall purchase price cheaper as you $1 per month through this.


You now simply need to complete your payment information and you are moments away from having a fully functional hosting account for your website, as you can see in the image below.bluehost vps web hosting sign up payment confirmation

payment confirmationAll you need to do is enter your chosen card number, expiration date and CVV correctly.

Then enter tick mark to confirm that you have read the Bluehost privacy policy and terms of service.

By submitting it thorough successful payment  confirmation you own Bluehost VPS web hosting.



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