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How to get traffic without SEO ? !!!

Is it possible ? Let us see how it it .

Typically when we want to get visitors to our blogs the first thing we do is search engine optimization. We optimize the web site, build links etc. However, there are many ways we can get traffic without SEO and one of the most powerful one is building subscribers.

It is obvious that we need existing traffic to have subscribers, but if we have some, we should get the most from it.

The greatest advantage of having subscribed readers is that whenever you have a new post, you can inform them. By making people subscribe, we can build strong reader base, and at the same time we can make ourselves more independent from search engines . On top of that, Google now see how many subscribers you have on FeedburnerTwitter, Facebook etc., so it also may help to get ranking in google.

Below you can find some ways to get the visitors subscribe .

How to Get Traffic without SEO

Build Email List

This is one of the most effective way to get loyal visitors and if you are an online marketer to make more money online. When someone subscribe to your mailing list, it is a permission to send relevant information on the topic of interest. You can send them your latest posts, articles with your affiliate links, newsletters or even promote your product.

Force them to Subscribe to the RSS

RSS is still one of the simplest way to get returning visitors, so you need to make available for visitors. If you have a web site in a broader niche, I recommend making category based RSS subscription available.

WordPress makes extremely easy to manage your RSS feeds. It automatically generates it for your pages, categories and for your whole blog. By the way, you can get the RSS feed of your categories by typing the “feed” after the URL. For example,

You can use images, or even ask them to subscribe to your RSS feed if they enjoy your blog.

Force Them to Follow on Social Sites

Twitter, Facebok, Google+, Pinterest and all the other social sites are extraordinary possibilities to have returning visitors to your WordPress blog. Whenever, you share a post they will see it and they may go to your site to check it. You can ask them to follow you if they want to get more related information on the topic, or you can use plugins which force them to follow in return for a freebie. Social networking sites are crucial now to have traffic, so you need to use this technique. Furthermore, Google also checks how many followers you have on the main social network sites.

Allow them to Subscribe on Comments

If somebody makes a comment on one of your blog posts, they expect reply. When you reply you can ask them to subscribe the blog.

Remember Your Brand

If you write excellent posts, share useful things such as ebooks and people see your informative posts everywhere, sooner or later they will learn your brand.

Even if they don’t subscribe they remember the brand name. Therefore, you should use other marketing techniques such as forum or video marketing to promote yourself and your blog. If people see you as an expert in the niche, they visit your website regularly without even being subscribed.


In order to get returning visitors, you should get as many subscribers as possible on different platforms. The larger your subscriber base is, the more regular traffic you create and can overcome the search engine ranking issues.


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