Link building mistakes ! Have you surprised when hear that link building sometimes hurt your SEO efforts.

Why is it that most websites do not get a higher ranking? And even if they do, then why does it go down soon?

In this article we are trying to answer the above questions.

What is link building ? “The process of establishing relevant, inbound links to your website which help your website achieve higher ranking with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site” .This is the most popular definition for link building.

While this definition is appropriate, many do not stick to it. We are going to discuss about ways in which link building can fail and some of the most prominent problems.

Many people engaged in SEO are constantly deriving aggressive Link building strategies that help people to  get higher search engine rankings. However many of the times it provides  poor results.

5 Link Building Mistakes You Should Avoid 



Most SEO/Firms which offer link building services that get you quick results, ie- Higher ranking and traffic in a very short period, are most probably offering you short-term results.

They work aggressively and post maximum number of links possible. Which does get you traffic, but not in the long term. Search engines constantly evolve their tracking mechanisms and algorithms that are quick to detect if links to a website have started popping up in an unusual manner, which makes you come under the scanner and in turn may lead to a fall in rankings in long term.

The SEO firm has done its job, but you are left with ineffective traffic.

Learning is Link building is not an over-night processIt takes time and effort to get actual results.

Do not engage in any practice that promises quick results. They will most likely fail in the long term. Like the rabbit and the turtle, Slow and Steady wins the race here.


Most people and SEO firms fail at the point where they decide and perceive that higher their rankings, higher their results. You need to understand that Results and Rankings are two separate things.

What needs to be noted here is the term CONVERSION. How much of your traffic actually converts to potential buyers, and then potential buyers to customers. Most SEO firms will only target higher rankings as a goal, and not conversion.

For example If you deal in home stationary, such as pens and notebooks, Posting your link to a website that sells cars, may increase traffic, but will not get you any potential customers because of your irrelevancy to the care dealer’s website.

What to learn Make sure that your links are being posted on relevant sites and in a proper way.


What most people don’t realize is that link building is a secondary process and is directly dependent on the content that you are offering. Even if you get high traffic through link building, you will not get any results if your content is not good enough for the potential consumer. So again, Link building fails. Link building is a part of a sequential process  and good content ranks above it.

Make sure that you post great content, as link building heavily relies on the content you offer.


Do you know why Wikipedia ranks significantly higher than any other online information source?

It is because Wikipedia’s SEO strategy highly focuses on building internal links, rather than their homepage. Don’t underestimate the value of internal links.

For example, Let’s say that you’re a firm selling skateboards. For you, building links to your internal pages, for example the types of skateboards you sell, the current discounts and offers page, will be more effective than building your homepage.

You need to maintain a connection between your internal pages and your homepage. Both are equally important in converting potential customers to buyers.


You can not expect an arrow to hit it’s target if you aim with your eyes closed.

Most people start link building without any definite goals and targets. They just sit down, start posting their links to wherever possible, and then wait for traffic. This is a very vague strategy.

You need to assess your goals and then work towards them. For example, If you run a blog about paper quilling, then you should make a list of the most popular paper quilling blogs, or whatever suits you, and then start posting your links to them carefully.

Establish and assess your goals before you get into link building and then work accordingly.

As every successful achievement, Link building is not one BIG successful step, but a series of correct small actions.

You just can not afford to commit these mistakes as they will deliver to you non-substantial and short-term results, and nobody wants their rankings to rise and then ultimately fall. Avoid the above listed link building mistakes to make your SEO effort to full fill with high quality traffic .





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