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Bloggers Tips in this article provides are the things you should not miss when you publish a blog.

It has always been said that the basis for a successful blog is the originality and quality of the content.It is true. But how good will be a blog with original content and quality, if you do not have major things that help to capture the attention of new readers ?

Let us see the important things that should not be missing in your blog post.

It doesn’t mean that original content is less important than the design of a blog. However to make the reader more interested in the content you offer, you need build a trust.

Now let us see what things can build trust on your blog.These bloggers tips help the bloggers to build a successful blogging career.

Social Media Buttons or icons to share the post

A blog without a presence in social media lacks the reach of many readers. It may not be always easy to ensure to rank top on search engines. Sharing on social media increases the reach of the blog. Most of the readers or followers are in social networks now a days.

Including of social sharing buttons in our blog  in the different social networks help to reach it to many readers.

If some one like your content they tend to share it to their friends who may have a same interest.

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Link Related Posts 

Ensure that you are mentioning other blog posts which are related to the current post. You can mention it with “Also Read” title .This gives the new readers an indication to read more and discover more from your blog.

About The Author

Showing your readers who you are is one of the most important and fundamental aspects to consider. By doing you will be able to generate trust with your readers and, at the same time, more acceptance.

One of the best places to put it is at the end of each post. If you use WordPress try this  plugin Fancier Author Box that help you display the info, comes with social buttons and a tab that shows your latest posts.

E Mail Subscription Box

If your content you offer is great the reader will be more interested in your blog, and may want to be notified in some way when you post something new.
If you have a online business, including this element can become a great opportunity to get new customers. For a personal blog, this is an opportunity to build up followers or readers list.

Although best place to put the form is at the end of each post,  a better option would be in the sidebar. This may increase the visibility while they read the post.

“Follow Us ” Social Media Icons

Creating social media profile alone will not help  and you must have an audience that generates interaction in the shared content.

With the social buttons added to your sidebar, in some way, you will be inviting your readers to follow you on your social networks and get your content shared .

Contact Form

A contact form is a must thing in your blogging website. Readers can contact you and provide suggestions in case of any . Also some one if they want to associate with you also they can contact you through a contact form.

A highly recommended WordPress plugin for the creation of contact forms, is undoubtedly ContactForm7 .

 Popular Posts

Your readers cannot guess which are your best posts if they do not read them all, so by having a separate category  for popular posts you can help readers find the most popular content of your blog. You can integrate it on the sidebar.

Search field

Through this, you can provide your readers access to the information they want, just by entering the keywords in the search field.
Undoubtedly, it is one of the thing that we must put in our sidebar. Without it the user cannot find the content they want.
WordPress has a search form that you can find in the list of widgets.

Hope that above items discussed are effective bloggers tips to attract many readers for their blogging website.



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