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How to monetize your blog ? As a blogger you would have excited to see how it can be done.

Monetizing your blog is also is very crucial once you build sufficient readers for your blogging website.

How to Monetize Your Blog ?

In this article we are discussing about 8 different ways to monetize your blog.

Running monthly ads

One among the major ways that blogs use to make money is offering advertising space on their web pages. The 125×125 sidebar advertisements that you see all over is what we talk about. Many bloggers use it effectively because it work and they make money for you.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising

The second most popular way to monetize your blog. This is even the most popular if you have a high volume of traffic. The best and most popular way to run pay per click advertisements is with Google Adsense. You can just pop a little code on your blog. This allow Google to place the advertisements that correspond to the material present on the pages of your blog.

Selling digital information

This kind of moneymaking technique being used on websites that offer e-books and other digital downloadable products (i.e.: WordPress Themes, design resources and so on). This works well since it is a more passive method of monetizing your blog. Once you have established the framework for individuals to pay you for the downloads, you never ever need to touch it again, and you can make money over and over again.

Affiliate Marketing

Here is a way to make money from the real products that you can promote on your blog. This method is possible without your own products . You can also be an affiliate for somebody else and make a cut out of his profits by sending him traffic and sales.

Selling the membership

When you run a blog, it is always possible for you to set up a membership area where the user will be provided with premium content that is not available anywhere else. You can charge reasonable money for this exclusive VIP access.

Sell your services

If you run a blog and you are a freelancer as well, you can consider selling your services right on your blog. Doing this helps you to promote your services and earn some extra cash.

CPM advertising

If you have a website that relies on lower quality traffic coming from sources that send out visitors who do not click advertisements or purchase items, CPM advertising is most likely the ideal option for you. Therefore, if you are getting 10,000 visitors on a post you make that don’t buy or click on the ads, it’s time to switch to a good CPM advertiser.

Consulting and Training

This is a little different from the ways we have discussed above, because here you are offering your time instead of some kind of service. If you have a blog that has an authority on some topic, the possibilities are that a few of your site visitors will count on you for your advice. Instead of giving them free advice, you can ask them to pay an hourly fee.

Following the above techniques help you to monetize your blog. This is important for you to monetize the blog for a long term growth . By monetizing your blog you can develop it as a full time income source for you.



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