How to optimize content for SEO ?  This is a general query for a beginning blogger.

Typically many of the new bloggers may not know how to optimize their blog properly. For beginners optimizing WordPress is a bit scary task.

However, all the website owners know how important is SEO for the free traffic and building subscribers.

Below you can find  ways how to optimize the content of your WordPress blog better rankings.

How to optimize content for SEO –Blog Content Optimization Tips

Useful Content

The first and most important thing is that you should concentrate on writing great content that your visitors like and they want more. This way you will not only serve your visitors needs but also Google’s as well. Moreover, you should add content to your WordPress site regularly, this way you will have more subscribers as and with that more returning visitors.

Using TrackBacks

This system has been developed in order to let you know when other websites link to your site. As the back links are made within the comments section, other people may want to link to you in order to have a link back. This way you will have quality and most importantly relevant backlinks.

Using site maps

Using Google site map helps search engines to crawl your website faster and easier and this surely helps you to get better rankings. Adding a site map to your website is really easy as you can find many sort of WordPress site map plugins not only general one,s but also site maps for your images and videos. For example, I use image site map and I get good traffic from image searches.

Interlinking your articles

If you use this technique you will give Google more clarity what your article is about. This not only helps search engine optimization, but also helps you to increase your page views as the visitors click through from one post to another. Having large number of page views is now really important for search engine optimization, as it is tracked by Google and it is a ranking factor.

Linking to relevant sources

This technique is usually avoided by most of the bloggers as they think they lose page rank and link juice. Although, from SEO point of view linking to another relevant source is absolutely good for search engine optimization. This is because you offer even more useful information for the website visitors and that that is what search engines want.

Use images and videos

Most of the people don’t like reading long articles. They can understand what your content is about easier if you use pictures and videos. This not only helps them, but your post will be seen more informative for the search engines as well. Which is another important factor these days.

Make your posts easy to read

You can do this by using headlines, lists, separating paragraphs, using bold letters in the important parts. This is important because usually visitors to your page may have quick scan on your page.



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