What is Clickfunnels and how to use it for the online business?

Simple answer for this question is Clickfunnels can make huge impact in your online business.

Before explaining Clickfunnels let us understand about Sales funnels and why a sales funnel is required?

In simple terms let us say that sales funnels creates end customer for a product through the funneling process.This process starts from sales prospecting where you target a large audience for selling your product and then gradually sells the product or service to end customer .During this process we eliminate a number of people who is not interested in our service .

What is Clickfunnels ?

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder which works in online .It provides support to online businesses for marketing and selling their products .

What clickfunnels as tool does is the simplification of online marketing, It simplifies the sales and delivery with the help of funnels which are built for specific businesses.

Conventionally online sales funnels require a web hosting , eye catching landing pages ,email responders etc. It require lot of effort to make everything link properly . Moreover it is time consuming and expensive also.

Clickfunnels includes all the above components as a single package and hence there is no need to spend time and money for searching for separate items. It can be customized to make it suitable for any business .

Clickfunnels provides simple tools to create a sales funnel and also marketing funnels.Everything such as sales page,opt in page ,lead capture page,landing page and product launch funnel can be created with it.

Clickfunnels help you to make a funnel for webinar, membership sites,ebook downloads and setting up email responders.

Click Funnels 14 Days Free Trial 

Why to use Clickfunnels for the marketing?

Clickfunnels can automate your sales process with proper control based on your requirement.

It solve the problem of collecting leads for your business in simple ways.

The Clickfunnels software is a perfect tool to make your business grow through the simplification of marketing.

Why Cickfunnels is important for the business ?

When a prospect for your business reaches to your landing page you take them through various steps which may persuade them to buy the product or service.But many times prospect may leave the page without purchase.

However this does not mean that you lost a sale. The truth every visitor to your landing page is not necessary to buy your product .

Regular communication with the prospects who left the page may make them a customer in future. Hence by understanding the need of the customers who visited your website regular marketing communication need to send to the prospects and build a trust.This way gradually you may get sales from these prospects.


How Clickfunnels supports online business ?

As discussed earlier building of a sales funnel involves multiple components .It require time and money.

Clickfunnels makes these things simple.

You can manage entire sales funnel process through a single platform.No need of multiple components such as web hosting , eye catching landing pages,email responders etc.

With the help of clickfunnels landing page building is simple and easy. Crafting of re targeting messages has become easy with it.

Funnel Templates

Clickfunnels provides more than 25 funneling templates to choose ,These funnels are already proven and tested for best conversion rate. For lead capturing or product sales you can find suitable template in it.

After the selection of a particular funnel you gain access to both free and paid database of funnels.You can edit it and start using it .

Funnel Editor

After selecting the suitable funnel you can edit it with the help of funnel editor which is available in the panel.

Click on the page you want to edit and see the template on the right side.Start customizing it suitable to your marketing objective.

By using proper images you can make it further eye catching and attractive.

Insert proper call to action button to make it attractive to the prospects.

In order to ensure that you have the same marketing tone they made it easy to customize every page in the funnels .You also can change the page order easily to make it the order of your choice.

Usual efficient sales funnel order is first prospect land to squeeze page where prospect may enter their details in return for a free thing ( eg : free ebook or training ) .Then Sales Page where you show the product or services and then to a page where you say that it is specific one time offer valid for a limited period.

You can integrate the funnel to payment gateway with the help of funnel builder. Also you can incorporate email service provider in it.

Best thing is Clickfunnels funnel editor has launch checklist which specifies the things require to complete before going live.

Sales Tracking

With the help of tracking tools you can track and monitor the performance of the campaigns. This help you to understand how effective was your campaign and whether it has given proper return on your investment.

What is Clickfunnels ? What are clickfunnels?

We hope that you have got answer your questions What is clickfunnels ? how clickfunnels support your online business ? what are clickfunnels?



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