Google Home Speakers developed by google is a typical example of well designed smart device.

It provides the ability to users to interact with Google Assistant through voice commands.

If you have got  google home or  Max, or mini, that is great.With the help of the AI-powered assistant you can ask any queries about anything virtually.

Use it to get information on locations, set reminders, control several home appliances etc.

Google Home Features

Google home is a Wi-Fi speaker that also works as an assistant, control center and a smartphone for you and your family.

You can even use it for the entertainment purposes as stereo also .It can manage daily tasks  without any effort, and inquires Google what you want to know.


It is available for competitive price with its amazing features. It is economical than the Echo which is a best selling smart home speaker from Amazon.

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Google Home Speaker undoubtedly offers a unique look is through its size.This simple looking model is designed in a such ways so that it gels well with well designed components at your house .

Designers did a great job in making it unique and well designed to fit the home.


The Google home offers the clear highs and deep bass. There are three types of speakers to be precise, the one having the low-end driver and the two with dual passive drivers.

The three types of speakers aimed to deliver a complete range of frequency.

Top Touch

The touch sensitive top means that if you require to activate the Google home without the use your voice it is possible by a tap on the top .Through this it get alert and getting ready to work.

Interchangeable Bases

The Google home has added six different types of options for interchangeable bases in different materials and colors so that you can choose from a variety of stations that suits your needs and your space.

Television Support

Google home is capable of sending any video like the YouTube video right to your television using your voice.

Its ability to control your Android TV or chrome cast is a great advantage over the Echo.

It is quite amazing to know that the Echo cannot perform this task in its Amazon’s products of Ecosystem .

Cast Support

The cast support for video and audio is a fantastic feature of the Google Home. It has the ability to work as stereo system for the whole house with the help of cast-enabled speakers and chrome cast audio.

Context Awareness

The ability to inquire a follow-up query is something that the users have for some time, it provides that functionality to your home with the help of its capability to be aware of the context and able to respond fast.

Machine learning

Google assistant together with machine learning makes google speaker amazing. And now the engine of the machine learning behind it provides best experience.

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