Youtube has grown and became a popular among most of the people who access internet. Along with this popularity new creators are creating different videos in the platform. It is not a difficult process to start a YouTube channel. However creating quality content require effort and time. There are successful YouTube who make millions from YouTube.Let us see 7 different ways to make money on YouTube.

Millions of partners are listed on YouTube Partner Program.

You have to first create your channel. Once it’s there you can easily monetize it through different methods . If your are looking for ways to make money on YouTube go through the below methods.

Create products and promote them on YouTube

If you have plans to create your own products, YouTube offers you unlimited ways to promote them and make sales

. Some products you can create include apps, ebooks, music and art. So create them and add them systematically to shopping cart. Then you can promote them on YouTube. You should add a link to your product in this video’s description, so that your viewers can buy it.

Get traffic to your blog and website via YouTube

If you have a blog or website that need to generate income, you need a consistent flow of traffic. Many websites were affected by recent Google’s updates to their algorithm.

If your site has lost ranking due to these updates, you can regain that traffic using YouTube. Make sure you link your website in the first line of your video description, as this will help you successfully funnel your YouTube traffic to where you want it to go.

Sell others’ products

You can also do “affiliate marketing” on YouTube.

In affiliate marketing you sell others products in exchange for a commission. There are thousands of businesses that offer exciting deals to affiliate marketers who promote their products. In addition, there are so may affiliate networks that you can join. Some of them are, ebay and ClickBank

Become a YouTube personality

YouTube star can easily make a lot of money. There are channels which make billions of views.  If you’ve go some quirky ideas, or are really passionate about your interests, you can develop a YouTube channel. Who knows, you may be the next YouTube star.

Get creative- Create a Exclusive Web TV series

Love telling stories?

You can use YouTube to create your own Web TV shows. Here you are limited only by your imagination and budget. You can create drama series, comedy series, or even your own talk show.

If you are capable screen or TV writer, get a few friends together and record your own TV show. If you get lots of views, you can easily develop a new carrier.

Share your Knowledge with tutorials

Tutorials are a big hit on YouTube. If you’re expert in something, you can easily teach others by making how-to videos. Many of these videos have millions of views.

Monetize your videos with YouTube Partner Program

Once you’ve created few videos, you can join a YouTube partner program. You just have to enable your channel for monetization and soon you’ll receive our share of income from advertising on the site. Just as most YouTube channels get, you’ll receive payment for each thousand views on your video.



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