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Even iPhone 13 is not yet released; here you go on with what we know about. As iPhone 12 came up with a breath-taking beautiful design in late 2020, it is expected that iPhone 13 will launch and bang this earth by the last 2021. Each apple product is designed by several years spent on developing the product. So news about the product comes out and reaches ears. IPhone 13 is expected in such a way.

It’s really a thing to be appreciated that iPhones emerge by reduced ports.


iPhone 13 design

Mostly iPhone 13 won’t change its design when compared to the newly released iPhone 12 model which came up with a flat sided new design. The reason behind this is analyzed as the longer the design is used, the higher the profit and sales happen in their previous models. Some say that much thinner notch will be offered. The battery size would be a little larger too. As the last design iPhone 12 came up in 4 different variations, it is expected to have at least one model of iPhone 13 will be port-less design with no ports for charging. Port-less model is truly possible because we already have MagSafe. Apple had not included charges with iPhone 12 box and already made a move without chargers and cable bundles. It has never released iPhone with both face and touch Id yet. This time it is claimed that in screen finger-print sensors will be added. The current version of face Id couldn’t recognize people with face masks. Apple is trying to enhance its software to better recognize people with masks too.


iPhone 13 camera

As iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 12 pro fall into three look alike camera systems with only added LiDAR sensor, the same camera pattern will be taken over in the 2021 patterns too. A twitter leaker named Fudge shared an image of iPhone 2021 mentioning 4 cameras plus a LiDAR. Not only Pro models will have included LiDAR. All future iphones may be inclusive of LiDARs. A shooter – 64 mega pixels plus a wide lens, 6x digital zoom, 1x optical zoom, 40 MP telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom, 40MP anamorphic lens in ratio of 2.1 : 1 and a 40MP ultra wide with 0.25x optical reverse zoom were the said 2020 iphone feature as leaked by the same leak. If it is a complete necessity apple would highly jump in level of megapixel, otherwise it avoids jumping high on megapixel. Although it is expected to have improved low light photo captures. Several thousands of adjustments happen in the lens to make it steady, meaning higher the steadiness better the picture quality will be even in low light areas. Current camera pattern owns camera bumps out the frame in multiple glass covers. May be, iphone 13 moves to a single piece glass cover that still has camera bumps but more uniform levels covering all lenses at one go.

Most probable guess is camera updates will have advanced sensors, better zoom and powerful LiDAR.


iPhone 13 display

The expected measure of 2021 phone display ranges variably in 5.4 inches – 6.1 inches – 6.7 inches. As known it includes 120 Hz refresh rate. This high refresh rate tends to high drains of battery. To scale up this battery life better, LTPO technology takes hand and comes to play under the screen. LTPO panel provides a super smooth refresh rate and smooth scrolling experience. Like the panel apple watch which uses less than 1Hz yet makes the screen on always.


iPhone 13’s expected port-less design uses no cable as in the past. Instead it uses MagSafe mechanism to charge and connect anything for data transfer kinds. For you to easily understand, MagSafe takes charge, the role of port completely. It is likely to offer 15 W. Data transfers and charging will be handled by MagSafe. At least one of the 2021 iPhone 13 models will go port free using lightning port.


In the US, Iphone is the only phone which uses mmWave bands. As iPhone 12 lineup came with mmWave bands and 5G, a global level expansion will happen. 5 G in normal conditions offers 3.5 Gbps download speed. Apple usually works on its own way of cellular modems. iPhone future may avoid Qualcomm modem provider and stand on another in house provider.


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