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Samsung ES8000 Smart TVcomes in LED screen sizes between 46 and 75 inches and features the latest in Samsung Smart TV technology.It is weighing in at 16, 19, and 25KG’s

Samsung ES8000 Features

Super, SUPER Fast!

With a very fast dual core processor the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV lets you browse the web, use an array of Apps and watch your favorite movies and shows all at the same time.

Smart Hub

The Samsung ES8000 has a Smart Hub that lets you access applications like Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, YouTube and Hulu Plus, and with built in wireless LAN, you can connect with your other devices (Ipad, mobile devices etc) as well as using Samsung signature services.

Face,Voice and Gesture Recognition

With revolutionary gesture and voice recognition you can adjust the volume or change the channel on your Samsung Es8000 just by speaking to it or with the simple wave of a hand. Profile recognition allows you to log into your apps with ease and the built in HD camera allows you to chat with your family and friends easily on Skype. You will never be searching for the remote again.

4 X 3D Glasses

Being a 2D and 3D TV the Samsung ES8000 comes with 4 cutting edge 3D glasses to watch your movies in 3D. And the 3D on this TV is Amazing. Honestly. Amazing.

Yearly Update And Renewal

Most definitely our favourite feature – Samsung’s Smart Evolution. Every year from 2013 Samsung will release the Samsung Evolution Kit that updates your Samsung ES8000 instantly so that your TV is always ahead of the game.

What People Are Saying

Overall this TV is pretty amazing. It does take a while to get used to though. Naturally as it is a relatively new TV, of course there were some bugs at the start, but with Samsung’s automatic software updates they have all pretty much been wiped out.

Customer Experience

Overall it has received some rave reviews although one user commented that some of the Apps like VUDU were a bit slow and suggested getting a Blu Ray DVD player to compensate.

One customer loves the USB feature and the voice and gesture control. A few people have commented that the TV does show a little extra light on the corners but its not a big deal. You don’t notice unless you try.

The majority of reviews overall have been very good. One user said that they purchased the TV from Amazon and it was delivered the very next day. They described the set up as amazingly simple and now their TV works flawlessly.

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One customer commented that he was very happy that the tv does get updates and he can upgrade it in the future. And it is great with Skype.

Many people have said that the HD and 3D picture quality is incredible although one reviewer said that the black could be better.

A few people that did have some issues with the ES8000 said that the customer service support at Samsung was outstanding and personal.

One user recommended a wireless keyboard for web browsing, as when using the remote it can be ‘a bit clunky.’

Overall the customers who purchased this TV earlier in the year had some varied reviews, but as this is a brand new product there may be some teething difficulties many of which are being fixed by continuous software updates from Samsung.

It looks like Samsung have ironed out all the small teething bugs and this TV is set to take on the world.


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