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Flying Robot is not going to be a dream anymore. We are not so far in creating a flying robot like Iron Man has his suit. But not forgetting that a tiny drops makes an ocean. Today we have a Flying Robot size of insect which rotates rapidly and flies turning around without any lags.

The DelFly is a super light, super agile robot. It uses a quad-wing flapping system, this odd little bot can flit, hover, and land like a fruit fly.This is what makes it more amazing and they even call it as a tail less fly.

Watch the video keenly to understand the robot’s movements and flips.

The robot flies by rolling in the air and it has 4 wings to control 3 axes of flight. It flies left and right by changing the way each wing flaps.

The researchers, Matěj Karásek, Florian T. Muijres, Christophe De Wagter, Bart D.W. Remes, and Guido C.H.E. de Croon, wrote about the DelFly in an article for Science called “A tailless aerial robotic flapper reveals that flies use torque coupling in rapid banked turns.”


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