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Apple Watch Series 4 is finally available after a long waiting.

New Apple Watch

All the products released by Apple recent years are increasingly innovative and with much more notable improvements.

New models of iPhone introduced recently got massive attention .There was a small Apple product that caught more attention . It created more curiosity in people than the new iPhone because of the innovative features .

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4, the new Apple watch, without a doubt, brought improvements that left the mouth open of many competitors. Apple  wanted to show that it can innovate and improve, not only in the field of cell phones and music players, but also its models of watches are also the most brilliant which we can get today in the global market.

Innovative Design And Features

We are listing the major features of the new Apple Watch .Also explaining about the improvements, advantages and innovations that Apple brought to life of new apple watch.

First of all, it should be noted that the new Apple Watch Series 4 is the first watch model that changes the design since product began to go on sale in 2015.

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It is little bigger than the other Apple Watch, the difference is only millimeters, but it is certainly something that is quite noticeable.

While the previous models had measures of 38 mm x 42 mm, the new Series 4 measures 40 mm x 44 mm.

Not only it has changed in terms of size but also the edge of the new apple watch is thinner.

With these changes, Apple offers a greater amount of space to perform operations from the clock. Because of the change in the screen size there is more space and convenience.


The changes of the model is not the only in looks but also in the other core features.

The company has been strengthening all the features that the watch can have, in terms of the health and well-being of the one who is wearing it on his or her wrist.

The Apple Watch Series 4 have a series of improvements that will allow us to better monitor our health status.

New apple watch count heart rate and has an electrocardiograph.This electrocardiograph measure cardiac activity with much more detail and precision.This is something that is currently available in Apple Watch sold in United Stated only.

Fall Alert

Sensors of new apple watch series 4 improved a lot compared to previous versions.

Watch can dial to an emergency service, as well as notify the main contacts of the user if the new apple watch senses that, the person who is wearing it is fallen and the person remains motionless,

This fall alert function is certainly very useful, and can help many people in case of emergency.


new apple watch series 4

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In addition, new apple watch has an incredible feature where it has the ability to detect if the user has forgotten to start an exercise routine, giving him a warning and allowing him to know the stored data of his previous routines.

With this, and the features mentioned above, we understand how this new watch cares enough for the health and well-being of all people who use it.

Other Changes In Features

New Apple Watch has a better processor than previous versions, allowing applications to run so much faster.

In the same way, it has improvements in the speakers, so, everything will be better when we receive a call from the watch.

Apple also had the consideration of placing the microphone on the other side of the watch case. This allows the caller’s voice, on the call, hear better for the receiver and makes communication  better than previous versions.


As we can see, this new Apple Watch has a number of qualities that attracts  lot of attention, ranking as one of the best watch models that Apple has released, at least until now.

All the types of tracking you can do thanks to the ability of your sensors, is something that can really be very helpful. Because of the improvements in the screen some applications such as Map works and looks better in new apple watch.

Apple has shown that it can improve so many things at the same time, as well as showing a great concern and care of its through its innovative design.



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