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Netgear Arlo Pro is HD high definition,IFTTT supported and Compatible with other smart home devices. Free cloud storage. Equipped with Geofencing. Voice and motion tracking. The batteries can be recharged. Waterproof. Easy to install.


Netgear Arlo Pro is a 100% wireless surveillance camera. It is specially designed for outdoor use. It features easy installation, excellent video quality, compatibility with other smart home devices, as well as free cloud storage.

Arlo Pro features an elegant and functional design that keeps the camera inside a sturdy and high-quality plastic frame. 

The camera is completely waterproof, we installed it outside the house for four months in various places, including near the ground, and strong rain and water from the sprinkler hoses did not affect any problems in the camera.

The camera itself is a 720p wide-angle sensor with a 130-degree lens, and also at the back there is a small USB port for charging, as well as a flap under which the storage places of 2440 mAh batteries are located. Most of the time, the camera will be turned off, and it will only work when any movement is detected by the motion sensor (infrared) installed below the camera on the front of the unit.

The bottom base uses a 2.4 GH Wi-Fi internet connection that only Arlo cameras can recognize. 

During the four months we have used Pro, we never remember that the connection was broken even once. we have tried other products and installed them alongside Arlo at the same time, and these cameras were connected to a cheap Wi-Fi hub that causes communication to be lost for minutes every week, and this is not a defect in the cameras themselves but in the cheap Wi-Fi hub whose weak signal must cross two thick walls To reach the cameras in the outdoor garden.

Some people may be bothered by the fact that the camera does not have an SD memory card, but don’t worry, the bottom base supports USB storage keys. This means that everything recorded by the Arlo Pro camera will be recorded by the cloud storage service as well as in the storage key. This is the ideal way to avoid camera overload and high power consumption, making the bottom base worth it. This also means that you do not have to pay a subscription to Arlo, so you can save some money in the long run.

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The Arlo ecosystem is one of the most preferred for the hobbyists. Arlo Pro provides a robust and solid external camera that is not affected by moisture or other environmental factors. Along with the great app compatible with the camera as well as the great subscription options, this camera is definitely amazing. The only thing that is a drawback of this camera is its relatively high price


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