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Social Media Automation has become a requirement recently because of the new marketing methods through social media channels. Businesses irrespective of the size and types are now a days focusing on social media for branding and generating sales.

Hence social media automation has become a major topic of discussion. This is because it help to schedule to the posts,auto reply, auto message etc to the prospective clients. It improves to create engagements and in turns in to sales later.

You can implement Social media automation at any level even to manage your blog visitors or  managing your drop shipping business also.

Response back to your social media followers are one of the crucial factor which provides a marketing success to you. Even though manual  reply makes the prospects attracts to you when you have large number of messages to reply or posts to schedule automation may help .

Automation fully may give a negative signal to your followers because automatic reply with similar contents is a boring thing for the receiver.

If you are looking for social media automation as a tool let us things which you can automate and cannot automate for the efficient business success.

Twitter Accounts

Tweets And Status Updates

As long as you engage with the followers there is no issue in automating tweets and updates.

Through automation you can give more exposure to your contents. By repeating the post at different times in a regular frequency may attract more visitors to the posts. Doing this manually many not be practical.

You can set up auto response to the messages get on twitter .It won’t make you any less authentic either, as long as you continue to engage. When someone responds to an automated tweet that gets sent out you can expect conversion to happen.

Even if the automation is there we should ensure not to give a feeling of a robot communication.


Facebook currently provide automate lot of things in business accounts .Scheduling of posts ,messaging replies etc are highly possible with Facebook and even there is no external automation tool is not required.

What you should not automate

It is better if you are not automating following things for getting more clients.

Replies to conversations

Based on a response related a keyword it is possible to set auto message with certain tools. But the person receive it may consider it as a SPAM .Hence better to stay away from tools like this. Because robots entering conversations on social media may not be a great idea particularly if you a small online business person.

Direct messages on Twitter

If we get auto direct message surely we may have a tendency to consider it as SPAM and we may end up in unfollowing the twitter account. Hence it is better not to automate direct messages on twitter.

All your content on all your networks

Better not to schedule all your content to automate on all of your networks. Firstly it makes no sense, customers don’t want to read the exact same stuff they are reading on Twitter. Have separate automation strategy for different platforms . Not only does automating all your content turn you into a robot but also it make them perceive it as spam.

Social Media Automation Help Your Business

When you use it in a right way it can be a very effective tool. Important thing is to understand what to automate and what not to automate.

Quick response with automation help to increase the business and scheduling content can improve the traffic depending on the social media you does it.

Many internet marketers are using social media automation successfully for improving the business. It can save cost and time.





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