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D-Link DCS-825L camera is attractive in design and has the ability to change the color of the rings and choose between pink, blue and white.

The elegant tail that extends outside the camera has a heat sensor inside, so that the circular light above the camera alerts you in cases of extreme temperature changes, such as if the temperature is too high or too low. 

There is also a ring of infrared lights, which works automatically once the lighting is off.

Configuration and tuning

Setting up and adjusting the camera is easy and simple. All we had to do was connect it to the electricity and to the Wi-Fi network (using the password for protection comes with the setup guide), and the rest is guaranteed by the MyDlink Baby Camera Monitor app on my Android phone.

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We did not need to control the IP, ports, or anything myself. The app helped me with everything from configuring the camera at home to connecting to the Internet and creating an account on so we can log in to the camera from anywhere.

MyDlink Baby app has many settings that enable you to control the camera’s sensitivity as desired.

In fact, you don’t need to connect the camera to your home internet.

 You can leave the camera in Broadcast mode, and use any smartphone or tablet to access the MyDlink Baby app directly connected to the camera (with the same password) so that you can watch what the camera records from anywhere.

Application / website

MyDlink Baby also enables you to set temperature settings, noise, movement levels, as well as choose between different lullabies to operate, as well as limit playback time and loudness.

Once you configure and activate the camera, you will be able to watch the live broadcast of what the camera records on your browser. 

You can also adjust some camera settings and watch live broadcasts through the MyDlink Lite or MyDlink Home app, but integration with the Dlink Home Platform is limited. In order to fully control the camera, you must use the Baby Camera app.



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