The Fisheye camera is the world’s only 35mm camera with built in fisheye lens. This means it can roam around 170 degrees angle view.

This type of camera is called “fish eye” because it approximates the vision of a fish’s convex eye. It produces a curvilinear image of a large area. With its wide angle lens professionals often used it to create a unique, distorted appearance.

Aside from the common use of professional photographers, the fisheye camera is also used for scientific purposes.

It was first developed for scientific use to record astronomical features of the full sky. With the ability to capture wide angled image, the fisheye camera has the ability to capture a large field of vision. The outcome printed image will appear distorted on the outer while the center appears to be close to normal.

A fisheye camera has two types that produce different angles: distortion views and photo shapes. Full frame lenses capture the image from corner to corner at 180 degrees. These images fill the rectangular frame.

While circular lenses generally captures the horizontal, vertical and diagonal angles. Images are created in round or oval inside the film and the frame around is black.

Nowadays not only professionals are using the fisheye lens camera, even newbie or just anybody who can make it a convenient gadget and also for those who want to be different in creating a unique and distorted look like making the ordinary image appear extraordinary.

It is the only one in the world with a 35mm camera with a built in fisheye lens for creating a 170 degree circular image. It both renders the foreground and background in complete focus.

Glass lens create bright color and contrast, with an electronic flash for day or night use. It is very convenient and requires only an AA battery, and its 35mm film can be processed anywhere.

The fisheye lens are great for architectural effects when capturing a large building or shooting a flower field. Make sure that the image should be with a straight line in the middle. Every line that falls off the center will become distorted. So, the only image that appears to be in perfect straight line is in the middle. To increase the circular distortion in the image you need to zoom it out.

At full extension, the fisheye lens creates a round image which draws the side elements inward and compressing the outside elements inside the circle. Reduce the focal length to use it as a wide angle lens.

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Image distortion is less if the focal range is shorter and when zoomed, it can double for a wide angled lens but there are distortion around the image. You can always make the most out of this very tiny and handy gadget that you just can carry around with the greatest convenience and comfort.


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