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Whatsapp updates are available now. 5 of the new features added in 2018 are highly useful for the users.

Gone are the times where people  difficulties in sending Multimedia Messages which usually called as the “MMS”.

People felt irritated when they select internet data packages and spend their prepaid cards amount in sending multimedia stuffs like videos, pics, documents and much more.

Using MMS was too expensive and time consuming.

However technology helped the world to be a better and better place to live.

The technology started making progress and enabled huge advanced features like WIFI, online chatting messengers, voice calls nationally and internationally, sharing pictures and videos online within a fraction of time.

No one would have thought about the presence of WhatsApp Messenger .

This from the year 2009 have started changing communication easier and faster.

WhatsApp Messenger is the largest and worldwide used Social Media Platform where people can communicate online through Wireless Network.

And helps send every kind of data including pictures, links, videos, documents (word, excel, pdf), voice calls,and video calls.

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Latest Whatsapp updates in 2018

Just like other applications in the Google Play store, WhatsApp Messenger always brings some incredible updated features for their users.

In the year 2018, the WhatsApp Messenger has got some incredible features that people loved and appreciated very much. Here are some of them:

Add Location and Time Stickers

Now, you can add your location or time stickers just like the Snapchat. WhatsApp Messenger is now giving you stickers of location and time while you are going to update your status.

Restrict Group

This feature is new and  allows the Group admin to restrict  group members in sending messages, pictures and other stuff. The group admins has more powers in new WhatsApp Updates of 2018.

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Re-download your stuff

You can now re-download the stuff including pictures and videos that were deleted. Now, you can re-download the data from WhatsApp’s server even after 3 months.This is another whatsapp updates 2018

WhatsApp Status

Just like Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp has introduced stories and statuses of their daily life activities to share them with their loved ones and friends. This was recognized as one of the best WhatsApp Updates in 2018.

Switch between Voice call and Video Call

During a voice call, you can easily switch call option into video call and vice versa. This is the easiest and interesting feature for those who don’t want to show themselves in a video call.

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