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World’s most powerful PC – HP Z8 Workstation

HP has come up with HP Z8 Workstation,with power way beyond our current systems. This system suits for photo and video editing software.

It is really efficient in terms of simulation, 3D Analysis, 8k video editing and 8k video playback with smoothness.

The high-end configuration desktop system runs on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit . This supports  visual effects artists or a person who needs that amount of computing power at his/her fingertips.


The Z8 contains about 24 RAM slots and allow insertion of Memory Chips up to 3 terabytes of memory which is almost 100 times of what people are using today.

With this kind of RAM you can work on multiple photo shoots in different tabs, can render high-quality designs alongside and can also edit 8k videos simultaneously.

That was all about Access Memory, It gets better as we know about the storage space. It supports storage of about 48 Terabytes which is almost 48000 Gigabytes or 48 million Megabytes of space. You can almost store lifetime of your High-Quality photos at one place.


As we migrated from single core to multi-core processors, It was a good migration as it helped us decreasing the processing times of multiple processes. HP Z8 comes with an Intel® Xeon 56 core processor which is just unbelievable

As the PC is specially optimized for visual editing, It surely should have a graphics memory not comparable to normal PCs.

Yes, you are right, It does have that kind of memory. It comes in with NVIDIA® Quadro® P6000 Graphics up to 72GB.

Other specs include Dual 1GbE Ports for high bandwidth speed data transfer, USB 3.1 Type C ports, Thunderbolt 3, a 1700W power supply, improved airflow for cooling, and 9 PCIe slots.

Check the price of HP Z8 Workstation at Amazon


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