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How to Recover Data from Crashed Macbook. Probably you would have come to this page looking for an answer for the above question. 

Even after deleted from re-cyclic bin,path of deleted data have been remain saved in computer,through which you can recover your deleted data.

Here i gonna start telling you the way How you can Recover Data from Macbook.

Steps to Recover Data From Crashed Macbook

If you found problem to Start your Macbook,then i will suggest do following steps,it may help you to recover from it.

1. Restart your Macbook & Press Apple-V.It will start your System in Verify mode like in Windows there is Safe Mode.There will be message like “unable to read fs block…“.If yes,then your hard drive have been crashed,because this message means your hard drive contain bad sectors.

2. Alternative to this is to Insert the OSX installation CD, and also “Disk Utility” to complete diagnose the problem.Hope it may solve your problem.You can also use “Repair Disk” option.

3. If this alternative is also failed to recover it,then try to Open your Macbook in Target mode.For this you should have a another system with firewire cable option.Once all is setup,just try to access your crashed hard disk via another system.

4. If this option is also not worked,then internally there is no other option to recover it.Just pull out hard disk from Macbook and insert it into HDD enclosure.From this you can access your hard drive by plugging it into another system.

5. If your are not able to get data from that hard disk yet,this means your hard disk has been corrupted.Just Buy a new Hard drive.Install a new OSX in your Macbook.Now the Question is How you will able to recover data from crashed Macbook Hard disk…?

6. Use Data restoration software to recover it.Data Rescue II is one the best Restoration software.Also very much User Friendly.You have to follow this step after open Disk Utility Option.

Hope that this article has given an answer for your question how to recover data from crashed macbook.


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