Whatsapp New Feature has just come where admin enjoy more powers !

Whatsapp admin is becoming more powerful now .

According to the latest update whatsapp has introduced the feature to control the whatsapp chatting . With this update whatsapp has introduced the option where the group admin can adjust the settings in such to limit send message option to only group admin.

Once the admin enable this option no other members will be able to send messages and reply to it . More than one admin also can have this facility.

However this feature may not be acceptable to all the members because it affects the freedom of the members.

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How to Activate The Feature

Whatsapp New Feature - Admin Has More Powers Now


  • Update whatsapp to the latest version
  • To enable this setting, open “Group Info,”
  • Tap Group Settings > Send Messages and
  • Select “Only Admins

This may make the application more functional depends on the nature of the group .


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